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Section 212 Crimes Act 1900
Endangering Passengers on Railway

The Crimes Act 1900 contains a number of railway-related offences.

Under section 212, it is an offence to endanger passengers or other people who are being conveyed on a railway.

To be found guilty of this offence, the prosecution must prove that you endangered the safety of another person on a railway through an unlawful act or a negligent omission.

An unlawful act simply refers to any illegal action.

A negligent omission refers to situations where you had a duty to act to prevent harm or danger to passengers but you failed to do so.

The maximum penalty for this offence is 3 years imprisonment, however this is the absolute maximum and it will only apply in the most serious cases.

With the help of our expert defence team, you can fight the charges to avoid a harsh penalty.

The Legislation

Section 212 of the Crimes Act 1900 deals with the offence of ‘Endangering Passengers on Railway’ and reads as follows:

212 Endangering passengers etc on railway

A person who, by an unlawful act or a negligent omission, endangers the safety of any person who is on, or who is being conveyed on, a railway is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

Why Sydney Criminal Lawyers®?

Being charged with endangering passengers on a railway has the potential to result in a conviction on your criminal record, or even a prison term in serious cases.

It is therefore important to ensure that you are being represented by the most capable and experienced criminal lawyers.

At Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, we have considerable experience fighting and winning some of the most serious criminal cases.

Our lawyers are best placed to advise you of your options when it comes to fighting the charges, including any possible defences that you may raise.

Unlike other law firms, we always push to have the charges dropped at an early stage in the proceedings by identifying issues with the prosecution case and raising these problems with them.

This means that our clients are often spared the time and expense of a defended hearing.

However, if your matter proceeds to a hearing, our lawyers will fight hard to secure the best possible outcome by presenting all favourable evidence before the court.

We guarantee that you will only be represented by one of our senior lawyers at all major court dates.

We will also push for the most lenient penalty if you choose to plead guilty by preparing compelling sentencing submissions which highlight the desirability of a lenient penalty.

For more information on how we can help you beat your charges, call us today on (02) 9261 8881 and organise a FREE first meeting with one of our expert defence lawyers.

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