Section 23 Liquor Act 2007 | Disclosure of Business Activity


Section 23 of the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) is concerned with Disclosure of Business Activity and is set out below.

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The Legislation

23 On-premises licence must specify business/activity or kind of licensed premises

(1) An on-premises licence must specify the kind of business or activity carried out on the licensed premises or the kind of licensed premises to which the licence relates.

(2) Without limiting the kinds of businesses or activities (or the kinds of premises) in respect of which on-premises licences may be granted, an on-premises licence may be granted in respect of a public entertainment venue.

(3) More than one kind of business or activity or kind of premises may be specified in an on-premises licence. However, a separate on-premises licence is, except in the circumstances referred to in section 25 (6), required for each set of premises.

(4) The licensed premises to which an on-premises licence relates may be described by reference to the kind of business or activity carried out on the premises or the kind of premises concerned. For example, the terms “licensed restaurant” and “licensed public entertainment venue” are used in this Act to refer to premises in respect of which an on-premises licence relating to a restaurant or public entertainment venue, respectively, is granted.

(5) The business or activity, or the kind of premises, specified in an on-premises licence may, on application by the licensee, be varied by the Authority. Any such variation may include the addition of a specified business or activity, or a specified kind of premises, in respect of the licence.

(6) The authorisation conferred by an on-premises licence does not apply if:
(a) the business or activity carried out on the licensed premises is not the business or activity specified for the time being in the licence, or
(b) the licensed premises do not comprise premises of the kind specified for the time being in the licence.