Mr Jimmy Singh is an exceptional courtroom lawyer and our Senior Managing Lawyer.

Jimmy started his career representing clients in a wide-range of criminal and traffic cases throughout NSW, including Bathurst, Lithgow, Dubbo, Cooma and Orange, where he worked for some years.

Jimmy joined our team several years ago and has amassed an impressive track record of outstanding results in a range of cases – from Local Court defended hearings for assaults, drugs and drink driving – to District and Supreme Court trials for commercial drug cases, sexual assaults and murder.

He is also exceptional at helping clients to avoid criminal convictions if they wish to plead guilty (called ‘section 10s’) and getting cases ‘dismissed’ for clients who are suffering from mental health problems (called ‘section 32 applications’).

Jimmy is a fighter – he fights to have cases ‘dropped’ and to win in court; from relatively minor matters to extremely complex and difficult criminal cases.

He is respected throughout the legal profession and has made submissions on behalf of the Committee to the NSW Law Reform Commission.

He is a member of the Legal Aid Criminal Law Panel and a Lecturer at the Traffic Offender Program.

Jimmy’s clients benefit from his experience, expertise and great skill in all types of criminal and traffic cases.

Jimmy's Testimonials
Thank you so much

Thank you so much Jimmy for the outstanding result you achieved for me. Both Jimmy and Fouad worked on my case and I really appreciate all of their preparation and advice leading up to my court date. Jimmy was exceptional in the court room, both confident yet respectful and he delivered a convincing case on my behalf. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or representation and I am truly grateful to you both

K. D.

Case dismissed within two minutes!

I recommend Jimmy Singh, the best criminal lawyer who has the magic ability to turn your case to a dismissal without bond.

Jimmy instructs you how to make the best document preparation to maximize your odds to win. Jimmy uses the fewest words to convince the magistrate that you are innocent or you have made a reasonable and forgivable mistake.

Jimmy was my right choice, who let the magistrate dismiss the case within two minutes. Unbelievable! By the way, Maryanne Nguyen is a wonderful lawyer as well, who introduced Jimmy to me.

Xiaodong C. 

Extremely happy with the outcome of section 10 - good behaviour bond!

I would highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers especially Wali Shukoor and Jimmy Singh!Extremely happy with the outcome of section 10 – good behaviour bond!

Wali and Jimmy helped me professionally and easy to work with!I would like to express my great thankfulness to Sydney Criminal Lawyers and to Wali and Jimmy!

Lei Q. 

Fair, personable and professional

I would highly recommend Jimmy Singh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Incredibly well spoken and empathetic account of the case and couldn’t have achieved a better outcome.

Prior to the actual hearing, Jimmy gave us an informed and helpful description of our options and possible outcomes. He was fair, personable and professional — couldn’t have asked for better.

Shaun T. 

I received a section 10 this morning!

Jimmy Singh from SCL worked on my case, and I received a section 10 this morning. I must say the case was not an easy one, but Jimmy really guided me through all steps, process until final court day. Thank you Jimmy, you are a truly great person! God bless you always Jimmy! Thank you SCL Team, you are all great people!

Ronny Y.

Very highly recommended

I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers, and in particular Jimmy Singh, to anybody looking to seek the best possible outcome for their offences, especially any particularly serious offences like mine was. Jimmy was on top of things from the beginning, and he never provided me with any unrealistic hope just to make me happy, instead keeping me well informed of the possible outcomes and what he hoped to seek in court. Although my judge in the Local Court was very strict and unaccomidating in his sentencing, Jimmy appealed the matter for me in the District Court and I received a suspended sentence instead of my initial home detention sentence; I was very very happy with the result, it was better than I had expected and everything I hoped for considering the serious nature of my offence. (I had searched up many cases similar to mine and 90% of them ended with jail sentences.)

A big thank you to Jimmy for all his work and very highly recommended, Jimmy’s worth his weight in gold!

Melinda Z.

I strongly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Jimmy Singh at Sydney Criminal Lawyers represented myself over a period of 10 months. Throughout this time Jimmy was accommodating, organised, and professional. He was always on call and kept me up to date and informed as my case progressed. Jimmy’s extensive knowledge of the law cannot be discounted by any means, I am pleased with his performance handling my case with the utmost manner of professionalism.

I am content with the result and am more than satisfied with the work and service of Jimmy Singh and all the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. I would not hesitate to contact this firm again if an unfortunate situation were to ever arise again.

For serious cases I strongly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers as your primary option if you are looking for the best outcome with your case.

A big thank you to all at Sydney Criminal Lawyers, my family and I can now be at peace, free from the stress and worry of police prosecution and expected financial hardship.

Jim R.

I strongly recommended

One of the best lawyers I ever had experienced in my offence as they are very high in demand and also even I lost all my points on license still they give a time to fight my case and I win with getting section 10 on top so I strongly recommended go for it specially Wali Shakoor and Jimmy Singh.

Rajan S.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers are the BEST!!!!

I had an amazing lawyers backing me up in my case. Maryanne and Jimmy took all the stress off me and made me feel at ease in the matter. I was absolutely scared and freaked out that I’ll be getting convicted as a criminal and a huge fine but they dealt with the case as it was nothing and the magistrate amazingly took their says into consideration and at the end of the day I walked out with a huge smile on my face and a 12 month good behaviour bond and also, a fine of $109.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers helped me from start to finish and I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with a criminal matter. They 100% come with good service and incredible communication with their clients. Sydney Criminal Lawyers are the BEST!!!!

Fabez F.

Thank you so much for getting me out of trouble

There is a good reason why Google review is so important especially when you are not certain about something or someone you are just about to engage with because misleading reviews could sometimes make your life worse forever. With that in mind, the fact that you also have actually dragged yourself out in front of computer to log into google and writing up the review also means that you truly appreciate the service you received and that you want to share your life changing experience with others so that they can also get the genuine advices and knowledge to save yourself from going down.

Jimmy Singh, a Managing Senior Lawyer at Sydney Criminal Lawyer is a top bloke, charismatic, super intelligent and knows exactly how to look at the situation in a holistic view and helps you to prepare the case appropriately and puts yourself into the best position as possible before the matter is heard.

In my case, he literally did not even have to say a word at the hearing and still won the trial. The judge acknowledged my innocence by just reading what Jimmy had prepared and did not question anything and gave the order to section 10 with bond. I still find it amazing and feeling immense stress relief. Thank you so much mate for getting me out of trouble and stood by me and for proving that you can help me!!

Highly recommend Jimmy and you will NOT be disappointed with him.

J. C. 

Trust me Jimmy, this was best decision so far in my entire life I had taken to approach you & SCL, and the rest is history.

Dear Jimmy & Johanna,

Thank you. It is the only thing that came to mind as I started this letter. Thank you for representing me during a very stressful time in my life. Your support and advice were greatly appreciated. Your entire team, including Johanna who definitely needs a special mention, who has always answered questions and kept me posted during this entire process, the entire office staff who I interacted at some stage,  Pamela, Sakina, Mia, Avinash, Mary who promptly answered my random silly questions and passed on messages, great work ethic I must say and this has definitely has been wonderful to work with and [it’s been] a pleasure to get to know you and your team.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process and I could never thought anyone would stay by my side for this long but you were very generous regarding it.

It is really hard to make someone who doesn’t know you believe that you are innocent but you still put all your efforts in clearing my name.

I want to thank you for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding, your interest in my case, your belief that I was worth being your client. I learned so much about how to navigate the life I have been so eager to set sail upon from observing and listening to you. We didn’t really have that much contact – which is praise for your legal skills – but you made an impression on me that softened the stress and encouraged me to not stress about it and move on doing my daily routine.

I am a stronger, better person – optimistic and confident because you were my Lawyer.

I wanted to express how grateful I am to have had you in my corner all along. You believed in me and my situation even when I may have doubted myself. It means a lot to me to have had someone who I had complete trust in handling the most difficult event of my life.

I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solved my worries. Thank you.

Trust me Jimmy, this was best decision so far in my entire life I had taken to approach you & SCL, and the rest is history.

The decision to approach SCL & your team, made my life, brought my life back on track or else I cannot even imagine the disaster I would have had to encounter.

I strongly believe – you have made that difference in my life, and owe you one for it.

Jimmy, I still remember my word to you and I am working on it for you and Johanna, it’s just time consuming as I am trying to work on something which is a personalized idea, hopefully I will bring it down to your office when I have it in place.

Absolutely 101% content with SCL and your services.

Lastly signing off with a note of thank fullness & gratitude.

Kindest Regards


Incredible outcome.

Incredible outcome. Jimmy Singh put a substantial amount of time and effort in to make sure that his client got the best possible outcome. Thanks again for a spectacular result!

(Published by client on Google)

Radheesh A. 

This is a 5 star recommendation for Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

This is a 5 star recommendation for Sydney Criminal Lawyers and especially Jimmy Singh who represented me recently for a low-range PCA charge, my first ever time in court for any thing. Jimmy was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, responsive and reassuring throughout the whole ordeal. At our first meeting I was very confident that he would help guide me through this process – he was focused, responded promptly when I had questions by phone or email and was very reassuring at a time when I was quite distressed. He spent time on the morning of the appearance going over what he would say on my behalf and making sure I was happy and calm. In the courtroom itself it was obvious that he was well respected by peers and the magistrate which I appreciate comes from his hard work and integrity in dealings. I would whole heartedly recommend the firm, and Jimmy, but hope (for obvious reasons) I don’t ever have to use his services again!

Sally B. 

Before coming to your firm, I had a lot of disappointment with quite a number of lawyers and their firms

Hi Jimmy,

I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ for everything you’ve done for me as my lawyer.

You are patient, skilled and professional.

I was amazed by the sudden turn around of my case and suddenly everything which has been dragging for months came to an end with a positive outcome because of your good work.

You not only helped me to save much time, money and any future stress, but the good outcome you brought to me enables me to move on with my life with no negative impact on it.

Please also express my thanks to your team.

Everyone in your firm is extremely friendly and professional: Mia arranged my first meeting with you on a Saturday; Mitchell lent me his charger so I could take screenshots of the evidence during our meeting; I was always well greeted both on the phone and at your office by your team.

You guys are those cool lawyers I saw in TV and movies.

Before coming to your firm, I had a lot of disappointment with quite a number of lawyers and their firms.

For sure I would definitely recommend you to anyone who need any legal assistance.

Please pass this message of gratitude of mine to the firm principal as well.

Kindest regards,

W. J.

He even got the magistrate to award me costs from the police

I would like to personally thank Jimmy Singh for providing me with exceptional legal representation.

He did a fantastic job throwing my PAVO (Personal Apprehended Violence Order) out of court.

He even got the magistrate to award me costs from the police.

He is to be commended for being extremely thorough and diligent.

I feel confident he can help my partner win his case.

He is definitely a true professional !

Paul M. 

Immensely grateful for such an astute, perceptive, well-trained yet compassionate lawyer.

Dear Jimmy,

I was asked by Mr and Mrs [confidential] to pass on their most sincere appreciation for the dedication and work that you and your team have rendered on their behalf.

They are extremely grateful and pleased with the results and are concentrating on ensuring [confidential]obtains his driving licence in the near future.

They were most impressed about the care and commitment that you and your fellow lawyers showed, giving them hope regarding their predicament.

They were so happy with the fight you put up in their behalf in court and are immensely grateful for such an astute, perceptive, well-trained yet compassionate lawyer.

Mr and Mrs [confidential] said that ‘thank you’ seems such too few words in comparison for the true appreciation they feel for your work.

They will certainly be actively recommending your office and its services to all their family, friends and acquaintances!

Kind regards,

Gwen L.

Thank you for helping me get my license back for mid-range PCA!

I was very impressed with Jimmy Singh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers and his professionalism throughout my case.

I had lost faith in lawyers after my local court experience, where my lawyer from another company showed up late, seemed to have put no thought into my case until he was inside the court room and in my opinion negatively impacted on my conviction severity.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers and in particular Mr Jimmy Singh who handled my severity appeal in district court proved themselves to be the far superior lawyers.

Straight from his agreement to take on my case he carefully explained to me the way in which we would structure my case in order to obtain a more favourable outcome, whilst giving me no false hope other than that he would try his best to get the outcome that we were after.

Finally, it was the day of my severity appeal, we discussed the case beforehand.

It was a long day in court. Jimmy was on the ball pretty much since his arrival, taking notes, discussing with the DPP and working on my case up until the last minute.

Then came the judgement, I had been convicted with mid-range PCA, with a six month suspension of license and a $750 dollar fine in local court and after my district court severity appeal where Mr Jimmy Singh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers defended me I got past the conviction with a Section 10 (1)(b).

I would highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Michael L. 

Mr J Singh was exceptionally helpful and diligent in all aspects of my case.

Went to court recently due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Mr J Singh was exceptionally helpful and diligent in all aspects of my case. I was discharged without conviction (rightfully so) but without these guys the outcome would have been far worse.

Highly recommended!

Michael D. 

Thank you for your professional help and for understanding our situation.

Dear All,

I would like to sincerely thank you for all the effort you put into my case, especially Mr Nedim and Mr Jimmy.

Without you we could not have gone through this.

Thank you for your professional help and for understanding our situation.

Jacob R.

We got the absolute best outcome that we could have hoped for.

Thank You!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for your support and hard work, I am still in shock that we got the absolute best outcome we could have hoped for.

I believe with most lawyers it would not have been possible.

Jimmy I appreciated your straight up approach, letting us know the facts and not beating around the bush. That was refreshing.

Nedim, all your hard work with negotiations gave us the best shot at sentencing, and your advice, recommendations and constant support were brilliant.

Having said all this, I hope to never have to see you guys again!

Cheers guys.

B. H.

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