Penalties for Commonwealth Offences


The penalty that is likely to be imposed for a Commonwealth offence depends on a range of factors, such as:

  • the maximum penalty applicable to the particular charge
  • the circumstances leading up to the incident,
  • the nature and seriousness of the ‘criminal’ conduct, and
  • ‘subjective features’, which means information about the person charged eg any previous convictions, whether or not there has been a guilty plea, the contents of character references and/or reports, any steps towards rehabilitation, the likelihood of reoffending etc.

The types of penalties that can be imposed for a Commonwealth offence are:

  • discharge without a criminal conviction
  • fine
  • good behaviour bond
  • community service
  • intensive correction order
  • home detention, and
  • full time prison custody

For more information on the different types of penalties, go to: Penalties for Commonwealth Offences

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