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Kieran Adair

Kieran Adair is the previous Deputy Editor of City Hub. He has written for the Huffington Post, Guardian Australia and South Sydney Herald. He has a passion for social justice and is a member of the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® content team.

The Real Laws That Threaten Public Debate

by Kieran Adair
If you read the papers, you might think section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is the biggest threat to public debate in Australia. For almost two years, the issue has featured prominently on front pages of major newspapers around...

Police Using Journalists’ Metadata to Hunt Down Whistleblowers

by Kieran Adair
The Nauru Files changed everything. The Guardian’s publication of leaked incident reports from the detention centre  finally confirmed what many suspected: that the Australian government has been complicit in a campaign of abuse and brutality against those seeking asylum within...

Cheap Cigarettes Available Over the Internet

by Kieran Adair
For Australians, there’s never been a better time to give up smoking. With the Labor Party promising to increase the tobacco excise by 12.5% each year, smokers could be paying around $40 a pack by 2020 if Labor is elected in...

Sending People to Prison for Minor Offences

by Kieran Adair
In a plan unveiled last week, the Australian Bar Association called on state and territory governments to scrap or amend mandatory sentencing laws for crimes including fine default, minor assaults, driving offences and petty theft. They believe the laws have...

Federal Government’s New Watchdog: A Further Threat to Civil Liberties

by Kieran Adair
Trade unions and civil liberties groups have raised concern over a recent proposal to restore power to the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). The Commission previously faced criticism for the “coercive power” it was able to exercise over union...

Fining the Homeless for Begging

by Kieran Adair
This is something that should shock you: In most States and Territories across Australia it’s illegal to beg for money. If a homeless person is caught begging in South Australia, they’ll face an on-the-spot fine of $250, regardless of circumstances....

NSW Anti-Protest Laws: Taking Care of Big Business

by Kieran Adair
In 2014, Premier Mike Baird told a mining industry dinner that his government would “crack down” on civil disobedience and “throw the book” at people who “unlawfully enter mining sites”. This week, he appears to have made good on that...

Alcohol Free Zones: Targeting Vulnerable People?

by Kieran Adair
Earlier this year, the City of Sydney announced a review of its alcohol free zones. These are used by Councils across the state as a way of discouraging anti-social drinking, however the number and location of the proposed new zones...

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