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Boycott Alan Jones: An Interview With Mad F-cking Witches’ Jennie Hill

by Paul Gregoire
Over the last month, advertisers have been exiting 2GB’s Alan Jones Breakfast Show in droves. By Wednesday afternoon, close to 120 brands had actively sought to distance themselves from the radio shock jock, who’s notorious for having made divisive comments...

Join the Adani Blockade: An Interview With Frontline Action on Coal’s Andrea Valenzuela

by Paul Gregoire
Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) has issued a red alert calling on activists from across Australia to join its Blockade Adani campaign at the Binbee camp on Birri country close to the site of the Indian mining giant’s proposed Carmichael...

NSW Police Apologise for Strip Searches: An Interview With Socialist Alliance’s Evans and Price

by Paul Gregoire
In early November 2017, refugees and asylum seekers being detained on Manus Island were refusing to leave the offshore detention centre the Turnbull government was in the midst of shutting down, as they feared for their safety on transfer to...

In Defence of Country: An Interview With Wangan and Jagalingou Council’s Adrian Burragubba

by Paul Gregoire
The Queensland government on 29 August quietly extinguished native title over 1,385 hectares of Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) land and granted Adani freehold title over it, enabling the Indian mining giant to proceed with construction on its proposed Carmichael coalmine....

“Beyond Obscene”: An Interview With Julian Assange’s Father John Shipton

by Paul Gregoire
Australian journalist Julian Assange is currently being held in isolation in London’s notorious Belmarsh prison on a breach of bail conviction. And the Wikileaks founder is facing an extradition hearing in February, over 18 espionage charges in the US that...

Striking for Their Future: An Interview With School Strike for Climate’s Evan Meneses

by Paul Gregoire
Bushfire season has kicked in this year earlier than ever before. Fires have been raging across northern NSW and Queensland. And while climatologists have said the fires aren’t directly attributable to the climate emergency, it’s quite easy to do the...

Lawyers Call for Drug Decriminalisation: An Interview With ALHR’s Kerry Weste

by Paul Gregoire
Uniting launched the Fair Treatment campaign last October, which calls for the decriminalisation of the use and personal possession of illicit drugs, along with increased investment in harm reduction and treatment. The NSW campaign has the support of over 60...

Drop the Collaery Prosecution: An Interview With Australian Lawyers Alliance’s Greg Barnes

by Paul Gregoire
As Australian barrister Bernard Collaery is set to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court over charges of conspiring to communicate secret information, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) has stepped forward and called for his prosecution to be dropped. With...

Protecting the Kimberley: An Interview With Gooniyandi and Jabirr Jabirr Activist Ebony Hill

by Paul Gregoire
In March 2015, 18,000 people across Australia turned out at protests against the forced closure of up to 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, as the Barnett state government of the time had announced they were no longer economically...

Revolution of Our Times: An Interview With Hong Kong Protester Silver Lee

by Paul Gregoire
The anti-extradition bill rallies in Hong Kong are now in their twelfth week. On Sunday 18 August, an estimated 1.7 million demonstrators – a quarter of the population – took to the city streets to protest in torrential rain. And...
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