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Veteran Activists on How Protesting Really Does Lead to Change

by Paul Gregoire
Anyone who was gathered at Sydney’s Belmore Park on 6 June for the Stop All Black Deaths in Custody rally will tell you that when tens of thousands knelt to mark the more than 430 First Nations custody deaths since...

Vote 1 HEMP in the Eden-Monaro Byelection: An Interview With Candidate Michael Balderstone

by Paul Gregoire
HEMP Party president Michael Balderstone wants real cannabis law reform on the agenda in this nation’s federal chambers of parliament. And that’s why the veteran campaigner is running in the 4 July Eden-Monaro byelection. Right now, Australia is noticeably lagging...

The Successful Black Lives Matter Appeal: An Interview With The Wigs’ Stephen Lawrence

by Paul Gregoire
Waves of jubilation swept over the tens of thousands of people gathered at Sydney Town Hall on 6 June, when it was announced just minutes before the Black Lives Matter protest was about to take place, that the appeal of...

Drug Driving Laws Are “a Great Wrong”: An Interview With Former Magistrate David Heilpern

by Paul Gregoire
David Heilpern is something of a legend in the NSW Northern Rivers. The former Lismore magistrate is known throughout the region for the just decisions he handed down in relation to residents who’d been caught out by the unjust laws...

The Kangaroo Point Blockade: An Interview With Refugee Solidarity’s Dane De Leon

by Paul Gregoire
On Wednesday, 17 June 2020, the 24/7 Community Blockade stationed out the front of the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel situated in inner city Brisbane was into its sixth day of operation. The protesters making up the action are demonstrating against...

Black Lives Matter at Long Bay Prison: Justice Action’s Brett Collins on the Prison Crackdown

by Paul Gregoire
Just days after Black Lives Matter protests swept the nation, reigniting the Aboriginal Deaths in Custody movement in this country, reports started emerging that a similar demonstration was taking place inside Sydney’s Long Bay Gaol. Indeed, aerial footage shows inmates...

The Inherent Racism of Australian Police: An Interview With Policing Academic Amanda Porter

by Paul Gregoire
The Aboriginal Deaths in Custody movement has been reignited. Last weekend saw tens of thousands of people gather in capital cities and regional centres to protest the systemic violence in Australian policing and criminal justice systems that targets First Nations...

People Power Can Halt Gas Expansion: An Interview With Stop CSG Sydney’s Pip Hinman

by Paul Gregoire
On 3 June, a bill that would have imposed a statewide ban on coal seam gas (CSG) expansion passed in the upper house of NSW parliament. However, the Berejiklian goon squad made sure it appeared prematurely in the lower house...

Can’t Help Themselves: An Eyewitness Account of Police Brutality After the Black Lives Matter Rally

by Paul Gregoire
A large protest march against police violence towards First Nations people was never going to be the top of the NSW police commissioner’s wish list. Indeed, some presume that’s why Mick Fuller moved to have the NSW Supreme Court shut...

Uprising in West Papua: An Interview With Journalist John Martinkus

by Paul Gregoire
The construction of the Trans-Papuan Highway is a mammoth project the Indonesian government has had underway since 2013. The 4,325 kilometre road cuts its way through the mountains of occupied West Papua to join the coastal cities of Sorong and...
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