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The Drug Offenders Program: Shane Prince SC and Jim Finnane on Early Intervention 

The hardline approach taken to psychoactive drugs has pushed their use underground, which causes barriers to seeking help for those who develop problematic use, as they’re admitting to a crime, while the funding of an ever-increasing habit can also become...
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“A Progressive Escalation of BDS Actions Worldwide”: An Interview With BDS Australia

Apartheid was a system of racial segregation implemented by the South African government in 1948, which saw the white minority rule over the Black South African people of that nation in an authoritarian manner that violently oppressed and impoverished the...

Australians Fighting in Gaza Should’ve Been Warned of Potential Prosecution, Says Greg Barns SC

The Netanyahu government issued a 10 October 2023 call for its 360,000 army reservists to show up for military action it had launched in the Gaza Strip. And it’s understood that about 1,000 Australians with dual citizenship heeded the call...

‘Student Camps Are Anti-Genocide, Not Anti-Semitic’, Says UniMelb for Palestine’s Dana Alshaer

Right now, it would be difficult not to be aware that students at numerous Australian universities have set up campsites on campuses, with the aim of opposing the Israeli government perpetrated genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza. Another aspect to...

Reestablishing the White Australia Policy: Shoebridge on Albanese’s Racist Refugee Bill

The Senate is set to vote upon a third tranche of Labor migration laws relating to refugees and asylum seekers that is so divisive many are astounded that the traditional party of the left has placed them on the table,...

We’re Not Backing Down: Students for Palestine’s Shovan Bhattarai on the USYD Gaza Camp

The 17 April-established Gaza encampment at Columbia University might have been set upon by the New York police within 24 hours, after university president Minouche Shafik gave law enforcement the greenlight to dismantle the nonviolent demonstration, but it’s since sparked...

Harm Reduction Coalition Aotearoa’s Dr Julian Buchanan on Legalising All Illicit Drugs

Drug law reformists in the state of New South Wales are currently grappling with a government that has reneged on preelection promises regarding changes to the jurisdiction’s drug laws, with a slated NSW drug summit to deliberate upon drug decriminalisation,...

‘Forging Justice When Our Leaders Fail Us’: Helen O’Sullivan Sets Sail on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

University of Queensland educator Helen O’Sullivan is currently over in Türkiye about to set sail on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which comprises of three ships attempting to deliver much-needed food and aid to the 2.3 million Palestinians of the Gaza...

Talking Peace on ANZAC Day: An Interview with Raising Peace’s James Cox

“Australia can become a global champion of peace” asserts a recently issued statement from Raising Peace for ANZAC Day 2024, in which the peace alliance network outlines that while remembering fallen soldiers, the reflection shouldn’t be through a “war first”...

Immediate Mass Mobilisation Required: A15 Action Naarm Activists on the Initial Escalation

AFR had a report out by midday on Monday 15 April, which featured Melbourne businesses “bracing” for more disruptions that afternoon, as the morning saw successful disruptions across Naarm, whether that be of roads, retail outlets or weapons manufacturing facilities....
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