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12 Million Face Starvation in Yemen

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
It may not often make the mainstream news headlines, but Yemen is a country in tremendous crisis, with the number of people facing starvation expected to rise to nearly 12 million in the coming weeks. Yemen is a developing country...

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Participate in Strong Women Challenge

by Sonia Hickey
ActionAid is a women’s rights organisation with far-reaching impact. The organisation was established in the UK in 1972, and its Australian arm has been operating for more than 40 years. ActionAid fights for women’s rights across a number of fronts,...

Bringing the Gift of Education to Impoverished Children

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Bangladesh is a remarkable country, but it is plagued by desperate poverty. Formerly East Pakistan, it became Bangladesh in 1971 after a war of independence. The country is located on the Indian subcontinent and has a population of more than...

Doctors Without Borders and White Helmets: Helping the Victims of Aleppo

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Since 2011, violence and air strikes have been a daily occurrence in Aleppo, Syria, terrorizing the local population. Buildings including schools and hospitals have been reduced to rubble, the air has become thick with dust and pollutants, and basic necessities...

Cambodian Children’s Fund and Chab Dai: Helping Impoverished Kids

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Cambodia is one of south-east Asia’s most impoverished countries. The nation still recovering from the effects of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, during which dictator Pol Pot ordered the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own people. Despite their...

Greyhound Adoption Program and Friends of the Hound: For the love of dogs

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
With the Greyhound racing industry reeling from the NSW government’s decision to ban dog racing from July 2017, there is widespread concern about what’s to become of the tens of thousands of dogs that will no longer be needed, or...

ANERA and Heifer International: Changing the lives of poverty-stricken families

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Two years on from the day war ended in Palestine, life for Palestinians remains desperate. 75,000 are still homeless. There are not enough shelters, there are not enough building materials to make more shelters. Power operates only a few hours...

Love 146 and HAART Kenya: Freeing Children from Sexual Slavery

by Ugur Nedim
Love 146 “We found ourselves standing shoulder to shoulder with predators in a small room, looking at little girls through a pane of glass. All of the girls wore red dresses with a number pinned to their front for identification....

‘Carpets for Communities’ and ‘The Orangutan Project’

by Ugur Nedim
Carpets for Communities Cambodia is a cultural wonderland: with its incredible architecture, breathtaking natural beauty and rich history, the country has become a tourist hotspot in recent years. But beneath its natural beauty, Cambodia carries the scars of a brutal...

Animal Welfare League: Helping Abandoned Pets Find Loving Homes

by Ugur Nedim
Australians have very few rights compared to those in many other developed countries – but our furry friends have even less. While there are some laws in place to protect animals against cruelty and mistreatment, this legislation is far from...
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