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Thousands of Children Fined Over Alleged COVID Breaches, Report Finds

More than 3,600 children were fined during the Covid pandemic, according to a recent report by the Redfern Legal Centre, an organisation that has been instrumental in fighting for justice for those unfairly treated during the pandemic.  The Centre also...

Queensland Supreme Court Finds Covid Vaccine Mandates Were Unlawful

A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Queensland which found that Covid-19 vaccine mandates against the state’s police officers and paramedics were unlawful as they were not issued in accordance with legal requirements could pave the way towards similar...

Government Uses ‘Robodebt Tactics’ Over Hotel Quarantine Payments

The stories keep coming, of Australians being hounded for payments over hotel quarantine during the pandemic.  One Australian man, who had to make an emergency trip to Malaysia when his son was struck by lightning, and subsequently died, is now...

Mainstreaming Civil Resistance: Climate Defender Brad Homewood on Building the Movement

The climate crisis gave everyone living on this continent a severe warning over the summer of 2019/20, when wildfires burnt 20 percent of forest to the ground. And for those who didn’t heed the call, a series of extreme flooding events hit...

What Happens if I Breach an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales?

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A Tasmanian Supreme Court judge is facing criminal charges over allegations he contravened an apprehended violence order  on three separate occasions while he was in New South Wales. The back story 62-year old Justice Gregory Geason pleaded not guilty in...

Government Apologises to Thalidomide Victims, But COVID Vaccine Injuries Remain Unrecognised

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has this week apologised to Australia’s Thalidomide victims - more than 60 years on from what he called one ‘one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s medical history.’ And it’s absolutely right that the government should...

Man Refused Compensation Despite Nearly Dying Due to COVID-19 Vaccine

A Queensland man who suffered a heart injury almost died three times after a single dose of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 injection is not only barred from seeking compensation from the company due to protections for pharmaceutical companies put into place...

Garnishee Orders in New South Wales

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The battle over illegally issued penalty notices for alleged failures to comply with COVID-19 public health orders continues, with Revenue NSW now issuing “garnishee orders” on people’s bank accounts in order to extract funds.  Unsurprisingly, the public backlash regarding the...

PM’s COVID Inquiry Will Be Ineffective, As It Ignores State and Territory Responses

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Federal Health Minister Mark Butler have announced a 12-month inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic response, but it falls well short of public expectations, even though taxpayers will be the ones funding it.  The inquiry’s terms...

World Health Organisation Finally Acknowledges COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

The organisation that has been instrumental in the response to Covid-19, including the push for universal, preliminarily-tested vaccinations by big pharmaceutical companies, has quietly published a report acknowledging the potentially adverse effects of the drugs it has campaigned for. Acknowledgement...
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