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Traffic Law

The Offences of Dangerous Driving and Negligent Driving in NSW

A male on a motorbike was travelling through an intersection in the northern-Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park at around 12.20 pm on 14 February, when a 20-year-old man driving a silver SUV in the opposite direction took a righthand turn...

NSW Police Officer Charged Over Jai Kalani Wright’s Death in Custody

The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) announced on Monday, that the NSW police officer who fatally swung an unmarked police car out in front of a trail bike that 16-year-old Jai Kalani Wright was riding has been charged over...

Criminal Charges Against Cannabis Campaigners Dropped, Despite Police Attempts to Convict

Cannabis legalisation campaign Who Are We Hurting activists, Alec Zammit and Will Stolk projected dancing cannabis leaves onto the Sydney Opera House at 4.20 am on 20 April 2022, as a cheeky stunt, much like others they’ve conducted in the past,...

The Criminal Offence of Vehicular Manslaughter Across Australia

Driving on our roads carries a number of risks and responsibilities, and failing to comply with the road rules can land a driver on the wrong side of the law – potentially amounting to a traffic offence. And while a...

Noise Offences Relating to Residences, Business and Vehicles in NSW

Is your noisy neighbour making you crazy? Sick of the P-plater down the street revving their engine? Or on the other hand, is your neighbour making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to your gatherings or vehicle?...

Rules and Offences Relating to Number Plates in New South Wales

There are many traffic offences in New South Wales it is important for drivers to be aware of, to ensure the safety of all road users. Some of these may be obvious, such as not travelling above the speed limit and...

Drones to ‘Manage’ Traffic on New South Wales Roads

When they were first introduced to the Australian market more than two decades ago, drones were hailed as a revolution that could be used for everything from food deliver to cattle herding and security.  The revolution has not exactly been...

What are the Rules for Learner Drivers in New South Wales?

Getting your driver licence is a huge milestone on the path to adulthood.  It provides a sense freedom and independence, but it also comes with responsibilities. Driving also comes with risks and, sadly, statistics suggest that less experienced drivers who...

Report Reveals that NSW Drink Driving Laws Work, Whilst Drug Driving Remains a Joke

A just released report advises that reforms to New South Wales drink- and drug-driving laws, which have seen penalty notices, triggering licence suspensions and fines, issued to first-time low-level drink drivers and drivers with the presence of drugs in their...

The Rules Relating to Signalling on New South Wales Roads

Use your bloody indicator! The failure to use a turning indicator light, or to have a functional braking light, can be a source of frustration for drivers who are doing the right thing. And it’s important to know there are...
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