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The Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in NSW

Dealing with a loved one who is dependent on alcohol or other drugs, and suffering from associated symptoms, can be a difficult and heartbreaking experience. And while it is always before those those who are severely dependent on substances to...

Can I Get a Harsher Penalty if I Appeal a Decision in NSW?

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If you’re disappointed by an outcome of a criminal case in court, or you’ve received a hefty penalty notice for a traffic or minor criminal offence, you may be tempted to appeal a decision or, in the case of a...

When Can a Judicial Inquiry Be Held Into a Potential Wrongful Conviction in NSW?

Last year, New South Wales woman Kathleen Folbigg was pardoned and her convictions were later quashed after a public inquiry found that the science used to convict her of murdering three of her four infants was deeply flawed. However, Folbigg’s...

What Happens If I Breach Bail in New South Wales?

A Sydney real estate agent was sent to the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre, also known as the MRRC or Silverwater Prison, in March 2023, after being caught drinking alcohol in breach of his bail conditions, which related to having attacked...

NSW Police: Killing Individuals Undergoing Mental Health Crises Since Inception

The since-deceased Andrew Pinnock told his long-time GP that he’d be dead by afternoon’s end on Wednesday 10 January, as, the man who was once charged with impersonating a lawyer, produced a Glock pistol at Nowra’s Junction Street Medical Centre...

How to Deposit Bail Money in New South Wales

The Australian Federal Police arrested Ahmed Talib in Victoria in March 2021, and he was subsequently extradited to Queensland. The then 31-year-old was charged with assisting a foreign fighter arrange to travel to Syria to join a terrorist group. After close...

How to Write a Letter of Apology to the Court

Criminal defence lawyers recommend writing an apology letter to the magistrate or judge presiding over a client’s case in circumstances when an individual plans on pleading guilty to the charge or charges that have been laid against their name. New South...

What is a Quashed Conviction in Criminal Law?

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The woman who spent 20 years in prison over the deaths of her infant children has finally had her convictions for the offences of murder and manslaughter quashed by the highest criminal court in the state, the New South Wales...

Do Courts Have to Use Preferred Pronouns for Transgender Defendants in Criminal Cases?

Earlier this month, children’s book author JK Rowling tweeted the following in regard to a new practice note that applies to South Australian courts regarding preferred pronouns: Asking a woman to refer to her male rapist or violent assaulter as...

What is a Criminal Justice Visa in Australia?

A criminal justice visa allows a person who is not an Australian citizen or a valid visa holder and is accused of a crime or otherwise required for the criminal justice process to remain or arrive in the country while...
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