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Section 74 Firearms Act 1996 | Effect of Firearms Prohibition Order

Section 72 Firearms Act 1996 | Falsifying or Altering Records

Section 71A Firearms Act 1996 | Using Forged or Fraudulently Altered Licence or Permit to Obtain Firearm

Section 71 Firearms Act 1996 | Misuse of Licences and Permits

Section 70 Firearms Act 1996 | False or Misleading Applications

Section 69 Firearms Act 1996 | Requirement to Notify Change of Address

Section 68 Firearms Act 1996 | Licence or Permit must be Produced on Demand

Section 67 Firearms Act 1996 | Pawning of Firearms Prohibited

Section 66 Firearms Act 1996 | Defaced or Altered Firearms or Firearm Parts

Section 65A Firearms Act 1996 | Supply of Ammunition by Firearms Dealers – Additional Requirements

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