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Section 33 Oaths Act 1900 | Making a False Statement in an Affidavit

Section 34 Oaths Act 1900 | Certifying Declaration Without Identifying Maker

Section 30 Oaths Act 1900 | Untrue Document Purporting to be Affidavit

Section 29 Oaths Act 1900 | Swearing Falsely in Affidavits

Section 25A Oaths Act 1900 | False Declaration for Material Benefit

Section 25 Oaths Act 1900 | False Declaration

Section 20 Oaths Act 1900 | Administering Oath Without Lawful Authority

Section 11 Oaths Act 1900 | Not Taking Required Oath

Oaths Act 1900 (NSW)

Section 21A Oaths Act 1900 | Taking and Receiving Statutory Declaration Without Authority

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