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Common Assault

Hazing Alive and Well in Australia

by Zeb Holmes & Ugur Nedim
Being encouraged to ejaculate into the shampoo bottles of females students, lighting pubic hair on fire, posting photos of the underwear of sexual ‘conquests’, and dangerous binge drinking are just some of the rituals outlined in the 211-page Red Zone...

12 Reasons to Choose Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Being prosecuted for a criminal or traffic offence can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may be unfamiliar with the process, unsure of the best way forward and concerned about the outcome. But whether you are charged with a less-serious matter...

NSW Police Officer Found Guilty of Assault and Perjury

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
A New South Wales police officer who tasered a man three times and then lied about the circumstances in court has been found guilty of both common assault and perjury. The story so far In June 2013, former police sergeant...

Man Faces Prison for Allegedly Head-Butting Tony Abbott

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The man accused of head-butting Tony Abbott during his trip to Tasmania last month has had his charge upgraded. Hobart DJ Astro Labe was originally charged with common assault, but the charge against him has now been upgraded to ‘causing...

An Unfair Dismissal? An Interview with Former Police Constable Hugh Brennan

by Paul Gregoire
We’ve reported on a number of police officers who’ve engaged in crime, corruption and other forms of misconduct, yet still been allowed to remain on the NSW Police Force. There are currently hundreds of officers on the NSW force with...

Scary Clowns Are No Laughing Matter

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
By Blake O’Connor and Ugur Nedim There is a new craze sweeping the world that has made its way to Australia, and it has police and professional clowns hopping mad. Even McDonalds’ main man, the one and only Ronald, has...

Dealing with Repeat and Dangerous Offenders

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Sentencing Law The Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (the Act) is the primary legislation applicable to sentencing offenders who have committed criminal offences in New South Wales. Section 3A of the Act provides a list of the ‘purposes of sentencing’...

Controlling Youth Crime: Victorian Summit May Lead to Results

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Crime and youth experts have attended a Victoria Police Summit aimed at addressing issue of youth violence. The Summit was held in response to a spike in property and violent crimes – including car jackings, burglaries and larceny offences –...

NSW Government May Ease Lockout Laws

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Key figures in the NSW government have withdrawn support for the current regime of lockout laws, including Deputy Premier Tony Grant who believes the laws are doing more harm than good; with the closure of hundreds of businesses in the...

Man Faces Court for Cutting Hair

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
After several weeks of investigation and extensive examination of CCTV footage, Police have charged a 19-year old man with assault, after he allegedly used scissors to cut off a fellow passenger’s hair on public transport last month. The bizarre incident,...
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