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Mobile Phone Driving

Mobile Phone Use While Driving – Statistics, Research and the Law

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Using our mobile phones use has become so integrated into our lives, we may not even know how often we’re using them. We use our phones to email, check bank balances, pay bills, listen to music, take notes, scroll social...

Mobile Phone Use Blamed for Rising Road Toll

Almost 1300 people died on our roads last year, making 2016 the second successive year to see a rise in the figures, after decades of decline. The increase has left many trying to figure out why. Since 1970, when the...

The $45 Million Phone Call

A Sydney man is facing commercial drug supply charges after being pulled over for using a mobile phone while driving. 26-year-old Neil Deep Roy of Hornsby was driving his Mitsubishi Outlander through Chinatown while speaking on his mobile phone. Police...

Driving and Mobile Phones. Knowing the Rules.

The Kiwis have been all over Facebook recently, with a television advertising campaign called ‘Hello’ encouraging New Zealanders to go ‘phone free’ while driving. The ad uses understated humour to get the message across, and many of us have had...

Mobile Phone Use Sparks Road Rage

The dangers of driving while distracted have been well documented, but have road safety organisations gone too far in convincing people of the dangers of driving and texting, or talking on the phone? It would appear that the message has...

Phone Use Now One of the Top Five Causes of Driving Fatalities

Mobile phone use has surpassed not wearing a seatbelt as one of the top five causes of driving fatalities, according to recent figures released by the NSW Centre for Road Safety. Other main causes of driving fatalities include speeding, drink...

New Laws on Using Mobile Phones When Driving

New laws came into effect on 1st November 2012 prohibiting drivers from touching, holding or having a phone on any part of the body (including the lap) unless: their vehicle is legally parked, or they are passing the phone to...
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