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Prosecuting the Global North Over Gaza Continues, as Germany Faces Genocide Complicity

To have South Africa haul up Israel in the International Court of Justice was a seismic shift in the manner in which the world order operates, as prior to the Global South nation filing the genocide case against Israel, such...

Law, Penalties and Defences for Assaulting Frontline Emergency and Health Workers in NSW

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New South Wales Police have charged a 31- year old man over allegations he sexually touched and threatened a female paramedic who was trying to help him.  Police allege the incident occurred inside an ambulance on 30 March 2024, while...

NSW Government Targets First Nations Youth Through Toughened Bail Regime

“Just recently, the Minns government announced its intention to toughen bail laws in a targeted response to incriminate Aboriginal youth,” Wiradjuri Badu Island academic Lynda-June Coe asserted as she addressed the 31 March Gadigal-Sydney weekly rally calling for an end...

Questions Need Answering on Pine Gap and Gaza: Interview With Professor Richard Tanter

Senator Raff Ciccone asked Australian Signals Directorate director general Rachel Noble whether she could clear up the confused social media chatter regarding how Pine Gap-sourced intelligence might be feeding into the Gaza genocide, or in using the official parlance, the...

Todd McKenzie Inquest Leads NSW Coroner to Join Calls for Mental Health Policing Reform  

One only has to look back over events of the last 12 months in this state to understand that when NSW police shot Todd McKenzie dead at 10.15 pm on 31 July 2019, as they’d been called out to deal...

Civil Society Demands NSW Government Revoke Authoritarian Antiprotest Regime

The first of April marked the two-year anniversary of the NSW government’s draconian antiprotest regime, which has effectively stamped out unsanctioned civil disobedience actions that cause public disruptions in order to raise public awareness to drastic issues not being addressed...

Strong Political Resolve on Display at the Six Month Gadigal/Sydney Gaza Genocide Protest: In Photos

Six months into the wholesale massacre upon the 2.3 million Palestinians of Gaza, and there has seen a successful fail by the mainstream in suppressing its horrors, as the mass atrocities have been live streamed and reported on in the...

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 1 to 7 April 2024

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles: The Killing Won’t Stop, and Nor Will the Movement: Free Palestine Sydney 25 Weeks On Yesterday marked the 25th week in a row Sydney’s pro-Palestinians...

Dan Duggan: Another Australian Citizen the US Is Questionably Seeking to Extradite

NSW Magistrate Daniel Riess ruled on Thursday that Dan Duggan’s extradition hearing can’t be adjourned any longer in an effort to secure Legal Aid, as he considers the Australian has been “irresponsible” with his money, even though the state seized...

Corrective Services Is Failing Us All: An Interview with Jailing Truths Exposed’s Joanna Scriven

Jailing Truths Exposed started as a Facebook group in 2021, but such was the response to it, that it’s transformed into a prisoners’ rights organisation, that’s now calling for an overhaul of the NSW prison system, as it’s not providing...
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