Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 3 to 9 April 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Labor Refuses War Powers Reform, as Albanese Retains Decision to Enter China Conflict

Labor’s war powers inquiry turned out to be a “managed stageshow” by a government that never intended to “support the reforms backed by the community”.

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Corruption Pervades Police Forces in Australia and United Kingdom: Part 2

Police have committed some of the most egregious offences against public justice and perpetrated some of the most heinous of crimes.

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Woman Whose False Sexual Assault Allegations Destroyed Lives Sent to Prison

She destroyed the lives of several men and sparked a spate of racially motivated attacks, through fabricated claims of sexual assault.

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Police Fatally Shoot Another First Nations Person, as Custody Death Injustice Persists

Questions are being asked about whether deadly force was necessary in the circumstances.

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Killer Cop Dismissed From Police Force

A police officer acquitted of murdering an Indigenous man has been dismissed after material deemed inadmissible at trial was reviewed.

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Young Man Acquitted of Murder, After Key Witness Exposed as a Police Informant

He was released after 6 years when it came to light the witness who claimed he’d confessed was a police informant convicted of fraud.

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Australian Prison Life: Part 3, Mental Health Impact of Imprisonment

Being locked away from family and friends, dehumanised and subjected to degrading treatment can have a devastating impact.

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“We Protect Us”: AltMediaWatch on Far-Right Attacks Against LGBTQ People

The organisation has been monitoring the rise of anti-LGBTQ hate group Christian Lives Matter, whose recent violent crimes are of grave concern.

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Jarryd Hayne Granted Bail Until Sentencing, After Being Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

The former NRL’s star’s legal saga is far from over, as he awaits sentencing and is almost certain to lodge an appeal thereafter.

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“Our Democracy Needs Whistleblowers”: AAPP’s Kathryn Kelly on the Unjust Prosecutions

Labor continues to prosecute public service employees who expose crime and corruption, deterring others from speaking out.

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NSW Police Turned Their Body Cameras Off Before Fatally Shooting Mentally Ill Man

The inquest into the killing of Todd McKenzie found that one officer taunted and challenged him to a fight, while others ensured body cams were switched off.

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“Enough Is Enough” Is Not a Policy Position, as Wong Doubles Down on Burying Assange

Labor’s claim of having “personally expressed” that the persecution of Assange “has dragged on too long” is the party wanting to be seen as acting, when actually doing very little.

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McBride’s Criminal Trial Date Set Next Week, as the ADF Whistleblower Faces Hard Time

The Australian Defence Force lawyer who bravely exposed war crimes perpetrated against Afghan civilians continues to be criminally prosecuted.

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Supreme Court of NSW Declares COVID-19 Fines to Be Invalid

The fines were invalid because they failed to comply with the law.

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A Sporting Chance for Prison Inmates: The Importance of Sport in Prison

Encouraging inmates to engage in sport can help improve their mental health and ultimately benefit the broader community.

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