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Jarryd Bartle

Jarryd Bartle practised as a criminal defence lawyer before moving on to specialist consultancy. He has written for several publications including The Guardian, VICE and The Conversation, covering a range of criminal justice-related topics.

The Law on Observing, Filming and Distributing Intimate Images in NSW

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
Isolation can be lonely, so it’s only natural that many of us will be reaching out in intimate ways via text and video-calls whilst we are cooped up indoors. But ‘sexting’ in the time of COVID-19 comes with certain risks...

Judges Call For Oversight of Police Powers During COVID-19

by Jarryd Bartle
A number of prominent former Australian judges are calling for a bi-partisan parliamentary oversight committee to ensure adequate scrutiny of Australia’s COVID-19 response. A similar body has already been established in New Zealand, with many local legal scholars sounding the...

Ten Good News Stories About Coronavirus

by Jarryd Bartle
In a time of crisis our social feeds are filled bad news and apocalyptic predictions, which can play havoc on our mental health. This isn’t a time for naïve optimism, but scouring the latest news has turned up a couple...

Prison Inmates to Be Released Early to Limit Spread of Coronavirus

by Jarryd Bartle
The New South Wales government has just announced legal changes for the early release of some prison inmates in an attempt to minimise the spread of COVID-19 behind bars. Laws introduced in state parliament today will allow the Corrective Services...

What Does the Law Say About Self-Quarantining in NSW?

by Ugur Nedim & Jarryd Bartle
In an attempt to counter the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), several public health measures have been implemented across Australia, and New South Wales is no exception. These include directions that require self isolation in certain situations, the quarantining...

How Do I Tell My Family I’ve Been Charged With a Crime?

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
Being charged with a criminal offence can be a stressful experience, and telling your family members and close friends about the accusations can be a daunting task. But it’s important to know that those who are closest to you can...

Are Cyclists in NSW Required to Wear Helmets?

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
Remember when you were young, you’d jump on your bicycle and go for a ride to the park, to a friend’s place or to the park? Not a care in the world, using your handy companion to get from place...

Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Public Places

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will soon be in full swing, with glitter, tassels and jockstraps flying off shelves like hotcakes as revellers gear up for the fabulous Oxford Street parade on the 29th of February. As with...

Who Can See My Criminal Record?

by Jarryd Bartle
One of the most common concerns defendants have in criminal cases is the impact of a conviction on their future, including their current or future employment and travel plans. The following is a basic outline of the rules when it...

Should Accused Sex Offenders Be Allowed to Use Dating Apps?

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
The ABC’s Background Briefing recently aired a story about the use of dating apps by sexual offenders. It described a case whereby a man used the dating app Tinder to lure victims before sexually assaulting them. The spiel on the...
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