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Jarryd Bartle

Jarryd Bartle is an Associate Lecturer in Criminology and Justice Studies at RMIT University and a consultant for the Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative, which investigates claims of wrongful conviction and advocates for systemic reform to protect against miscarriages of justice.

Historical Sexual Assaults: Women Cannot Be Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Boys

In a decision which shows just how far sexual offence laws have changed over the decades, the highest criminal court in the state, the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal (NSWCCA) recently found that a female teacher prosecuted over...

Criminal Offences of Blackmail and Extortion Across Australia

Acts described as blackmail typically involve demanding a benefit from another person in exchange for refraining from engaging in conduct they would not otherwise wish to undertake, while acts of extortion generally involve obtaining a benefit through the use of...

Can Sexual Offenders Be Subjected to Chemical Castration in New South Wales?

It has been reported that a South Australian man convicted of sexual assault has been released from prison ro home detention after agreeing to take “libido suppressing drugs”. Troy James Power, 45, was convicted of the offence in 2008 and...

The Laws Relating to Joint Criminal Enterprise in Australia

The doctrine of ‘joint criminal enterprise’ – also known as complicity or acting with a common purpose – provides that a person may be found guilty of a criminal offence in certain circumstances, even if they did not physically participate...

Is Doxxing a Criminal Offence In Australia?

The Albanese government is  proposing a new criminal offences for ‘doxxing’, after chat logs of a pro-Israeli WhatsApp group in Australia were released online last week. The details were leaked by pro-Palestinian activists who were documenting the involvement of prominent...

Employers May Face Criminal Charges for Contacting Employees After Hours

A law that establishes the legal right for employees to stop employers from contacting them after hours has been approved by the New South Wales parliament. The proposed legislation currently foreshadows the potential of criminal charges being brought against employers...

Stealing, Theft and Larceny Offences Across Australia

Going to court over a property which involves dishonesty – such as larceny, theft or stealing – can be a stressful and daunting experience. You may be uncertain as to how you should plead, what will happen in court, whether...

The Criminal Offence of Vehicular Manslaughter Across Australia

Driving on our roads carries a number of risks and responsibilities, and failing to comply with the road rules can land a driver on the wrong side of the law – potentially amounting to a traffic offence. And while a...

The Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in NSW

Dealing with a loved one who is dependent on alcohol or other drugs, and suffering from associated symptoms, can be a difficult and heartbreaking experience. And while it is always before those those who are severely dependent on substances to...

Noise Offences Relating to Residences, Business and Vehicles in NSW

Is your noisy neighbour making you crazy? Sick of the P-plater down the street revving their engine? Or on the other hand, is your neighbour making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to your gatherings or vehicle?...
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