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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He's the winner of the 2021 NSW Council for Civil Liberties Award For Excellence In Civil Liberties Journalism. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, Paul wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

Stray Australian Chopper in Beijing’s Waters Whips Up China Panic

“Off the South Korean coast, an Australian warship” has been helping enforce UN sanctions against” North Korea, the ABC reported on Wednesday. And it then explained that a helicopter from the ship, operating “over international waters” last week, “was intercepted...

NSW Police to Be Given Power to Wand Individuals Without Reasonable Suspicion

Despite a decadelong social campaign to see the warrantless encroachment of New South Wales police officers into the private space of civilians, specifically in the form of strip searches and those related to sniffer dogs, the Minns government is legislating...

McBride’s Case Highlights Dissolving Justice and Transparency in Australia

Justice David Mossop of the ACT Supreme Court is currently considering the criminal penalty that is to be imposed on well respected whistleblower David McBride: a lawyer who considers the principles of justice and honour of such high value that...

Reestablishing the White Australia Policy: Shoebridge on Albanese’s Racist Refugee Bill

The Senate is set to vote upon a third tranche of Labor migration laws relating to refugees and asylum seekers that is so divisive many are astounded that the traditional party of the left has placed them on the table,...

The Last Phase of the OZ-Backed Gaza Genocide Has Begun

Twelve weeks ago, Netanyahu and his far-right cronies announced they’d be launching a full-scale military attack upon Rafah: the southernmost region of the Gaza Strip, which had once been deemed a safe zone, and its numbers have now swelled to...

To Appeal or Extradite: UK Courts Set to Decide on the Assange Extralegal Show Trial

The extradition case against Julian Assange has been close to coming to some sort of resolution for at least four years now. And over the last five years, the WikiLeaks founder has been remanded in a UK prison under conditions...

We’re Not Backing Down: Students for Palestine’s Shovan Bhattarai on the USYD Gaza Camp

The 17 April-established Gaza encampment at Columbia University might have been set upon by the New York police within 24 hours, after university president Minouche Shafik gave law enforcement the greenlight to dismantle the nonviolent demonstration, but it’s since sparked...

Demonising Sydney’s Muslim Communities, Yet Again, Is All About the Gaza Optics

The fact that Israel has been able to perpetrate a seven-month-long genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza, while western powers have watched on in support, has destroyed all notions that humanity, or for that matter, the enlightened west, has moved...

Police Are Quick to Label Muslim Teens as Terrorists, But the Same Doesn’t Apply to Others

The Alliance of Australian Muslims released a 26 April statement about the recent terror raids in Sydney, which were sparked by a 16-year-old Muslim boy stabbing a priest and led to six more Muslim teenagers being charged with terrorism for...

Manufacturing Terrorists: Fabricating Domestic Threats to Justify Foreign Policy

Domestic terrorism and a mounting scare campaign about it has hit our TV screens over the last fortnight or so, as a 16-year-old Muslim boy who stabbed a priest was branded a terrorist by NSW police, and the force then...
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