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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on social justice issues and encroachments upon civil liberties. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, he wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub. Paul is the winner of the 2021 NSW Council of Civil Liberties Award For Excellence In Civil Liberties Journalism.

Whistleblower David McBride Remains the Only One Charged Years After Brereton Report

by Paul Gregoire
Due to mounting evidence that war crimes were being perpetrated by Australian special forces in Afghanistan, the federal Coalition government established the four-year-long Brereton inquiry, which tabled its final report in November 2020. The report recommended that the Australian Federal Police...

The Sluggish Demise of Drug Prohibition Is Gaining Momentum

by Paul Gregoire
Right before the pandemic shut down shifted the focus of concern, NSW drug policy was under scrutiny with the then Berejiklian government baulking at pill testing trials to address drug-related deaths at events and rather attempting to shut down the festival industry...

After WA’s Historic Pardons, Further Police Accountability Is Needed for Baby Charlie

by Paul Gregoire
WA attorney general John Quigley this week apologised for the treatment the state and WA police subjected Tamica and Ted Mullaley to in relation to the circumstances surrounding the 2013 murder of 10-month-old baby Charlie. The minister also pardoned the pair...

“A Watershed Moment for Drug Policy”: Dr David Caldicott on the ACT Fixed Pill Testing Site

by Paul Gregoire
The greenlighting of a six-months trial of a fixed pill testing site in Australia’s capital is a “watershed moment” in terms of how the nation treats illicit substances, according to Dr David Caldicott, a long-term advocate for the nationwide rollout of...

Authorities Continue Crackdown on Climate Activism With Extralegal NSW Police Raid

by Paul Gregoire
NSW authorities continue their crackdown on climate protests, as those raising the alarm about the climate emergency escalate their response to the unwillingness of those holding the reins of government to take adequate action in regard to mounting crisis. Blockade...

Bungled Unwarranted Police Stakeout Results in Premature Raid, Says Climate Arrestee Nick Weaver

by Paul Gregoire
Last Sunday morning at around 8:30 am, two NSW police officers dressed in camouflage were surveilling a group of climate defenders from some bushes on a property in the town of Colo, northwest of Sydney, when they were spotted by some...

NSW Considers Medical Cannabis Driving Defence: Interview With Former Magistrate David Heilpern

by Paul Gregoire
The Turnbull government legalised medicinal cannabis use in 2016, along with the lawful cultivation, manufacture and distribution of it. But, six years on, and drivers who use the medicine continue to be penalised for having traces of it in their...

Calls for Police Guns Out of First Nations Communities and an End to the Intervention

by Paul Gregoire
Karrinjarla Muwajarri-Ceasefire protesters gathered out front of Sydney Town Hall on 18 June, as part of a National Day of Action calling for guns out of remote First Nations communities and an end to the imposed settler colonial police state...

Albanese Must Step Up and Fight for Assange, as UK Greenlights Extradition

by Paul Gregoire
UK home secretary Priti Patel has done what those who were aware of her political leanings expected. Last Friday she greenlighted the extradition of Julian Assange, so that the White House can continue its assault on the Australian journalist, who...

NT Government Continues Youth Detention Torture Regime at Don Dale

by Paul Gregoire
Six years after Four Corners exposed the atrocities being perpetrated upon children at Darwin’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre – and the subsequent push for reforms in its wake – the Northern Territory government has successfully re-established the institutional torture...
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