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Breach of AVO

What Happens if I Breach an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales?

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A Tasmanian Supreme Court judge is facing criminal charges over allegations he contravened an apprehended violence order  on three separate occasions while he was in New South Wales. The back story 62-year old Justice Gregory Geason pleaded not guilty in...

How to Defend an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) in New South Wales

Having an application for an apprehended violence order (AVO) made against you can be stressful and indeed frustrating, especially where the grounds of complaint are false or do not tell the complete story. You’re immediately on the defensive, being put...

Can Sending Excessive Text Messages Amount to a Criminal Offence?

Criminal defence lawyers are often called upon to represent clients in cases where there is animosity between two parties but no accusation of violence, deprivation of liberty or appropriation of property - but where the conduct which forms the basis...

Can I Visit My Children If I Have an AVO?

Feeling that you’ve been unjustly separated from your children can be an incredibly painful experience. And while the mandatory conditions of an Apprehended Violence Order (or ‘AVO’) will not prevent you from visiting or even living with your kids, additional...

Recent AVO Breach Stories

Breaching an AVO can lead to serious repercussions, especially if it involves violence. But there is little consistency in the penalties that are imposed. Many real life stories of AVO breaches show that those who are are guilty of contravening...

A Guide to AVO Proceedings in NSW

Our Video and Blog post below gives a Guide to AVO Proceedings in NSW. A Guide to AVO Proceedings in NSW You may be in a domestic or personal relationship where you fear for your safety, or the safety of...

What is the NSW AVO Process?

An AVO is a court document that is intended to protect someone from harassment or violence from another. AVOs are commonly taken out in situations where there is domestic abuse, but they can also be used to protect vulnerable people...

Withdrawing an AVO

What happens if you have taken out an AVO, and then decide you don’t need it any more? Or, what if the police have taken out an AVO on your behalf, which you don’t believe is necessary? Once it is...

Served With an AVO? PINOP Contact Restrictions You May Face

An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is a court order that is intended to protect one person from the threat of harassment or violence from another person. The person in need of protection (PINOP) can apply for an AVO if they...

What Happens if I am the Subject of a False AVO?

Having an AVO taken out against you can be a difficult and stressful experience, particularly if it is unjustified. An AVO, or Apprehended Violence Order, is a court order that is intended to protect one person or persons from the...
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