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Assault Police

NSW Police Officers Assault Teen for Possessing a Vape

The actions of New South Wales police officers have gone viral for all the wrong reasons once again, this time due to their illegal arrest of a young teenager in possession of a vape: an act which is completely legal....

Leg Sweep, Anyone? NSW Police Continues Reign of Excessive Force, Despite Rising Calls for Reform

A NSW police officer arrested an 18-year-old First Nations man with a disability on suspicion of two attempted break and enters last week. And as the officer walked his captor away, the teen dropped to the ground having a violent seizure,...

NSW Police Officers Under Investigation for Assaulting NRL Player

The three New South Wales Police Officers who punched  NRL player Tom Starling multiple times in the face during a violent arrest on 5  December 2020 are now under investigation and could face criminal charges over the assault. The incident occurred...

UK Police Officer Stood Down for Pointing Taser at Elderly Woman

While the use of tasers by police officers comes under public scrutiny in New South Wales - with several confirmed incidents of mentally ill persons being fatally wounded as a result of being tasered, a 95-year old woman being fatally...

Queensland Police Commissioner Bows to Police Union by Backflipping on Chokehold Directive

The Head of the Queensland Police Union (QPU), Ian Leavers, has told the state’s police officers they can defy a direction issued by Queensland Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, to prohibit the use of potentially deadly ‘chokeholds’ on members of the...

What Amounts to Self-Defence in New South Wales?

Self-defence is a ‘complete defence’ to a criminal charge, which means you are entitled to a verdict of not guilty if it applies in your case. Where is the defence contained in the law? The defence is contained in section 418...

Police Assault on Lim Raises Questions About the Enforcement of Law in NSW

Sydney is aghast over the assault perpetrated upon nonviolent elderly protester Danny Lim by two police officers on Tuesday. And there’s much chatter on social media about the broader implications of this type of incident being carried out by officers who...

NSW Police Assault Well-Known Protester: Officers Slam Danny Lim’s Face into Ground

Two police officers approach a well-known Sydney figure wearing a sandwich board with colourful and somewhat “cheeky” messaging on it in the Queen Victoria Building on Tuesday, and within minutes slam him face first into the tiled floor of the...

Bungled Unwarranted Police Stakeout Results in Premature Raid, Says Climate Arrestee Nick Weaver

Last Sunday morning at around 8:30 am, two NSW police officers dressed in camouflage were surveilling a group of climate defenders from some bushes on a property in the town of Colo, northwest of Sydney, when they were spotted by some...

When Can Police Shoot to Kill?

Police in the Northern Territory have been accused of failing to provide important evidence in the criminal prosecution of a young Indigenous man they tasered and repeatedly shot earlier in Darwin on 8 March 2022.  The story so far Twenty...
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