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Assault Police

When Can Police Shoot to Kill?

by Sonia Hickey
Police in the Northern Territory have been accused of failing to provide important evidence in the criminal prosecution of a young Indigenous man they tasered and repeatedly shot earlier in Darwin on 8 March 2022.  The story so far Twenty...

NSW Police Officer Sent to Prison for Lying in Court

by Sonia Hickey
A New South Wales Police Officer has been sentenced to imprisonment for unlawfully arresting a woman and lying about the details of her arrest. Senior Constable Mark Follington was sentenced to a minimum jail term of 18 months. He violently...

Victoria Police Settles Brutality Case for $11.75 Million

by Sonia Hickey
Victoria Police has agreed to settle a case of brutality for $11.75 million – an amount which will be paid from public funds. In 2017, Chris Karadaglis was at home, alone, listening to music when police knocked on his front...

Anti-lockdown Protester Sent to Prison

by Sonia Hickey
It has been reported that a Victorian man was sentenced to a full term of eight months in prison, with a minimum term of three months, after pleading guilty to offences related to organising yesterday’s anti-lockdown protest in Sydney. According...

Victim of Police Brutality Commences Legal Proceedings

by Sonia Hickey
An Indigenous man is seeking damages in the New South Wales Supreme Court for spinal injuries sustained as a result of being violently thrown to the ground by police officers. The Court has heard the man sustained significant injuries including...

The Offence of Assaulting a Police Officer in New South Wales

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner has defended the actions of police officers who manhandled a 62-year old female store manager while arresting her for not wearing a face mask at an organic food store in Bowral in the...

What is False Imprisonment in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
A false imprisonment occurs where a person is detained in contravention of the law. It can happen where police officers exercise an unlawful arrest; in other words; arrest a person in the absence of a warrant and without complying with...

Civil Liberties Advocates Call for End to Police Investigating Police

by Paul Gregoire
The various Australian state, territory and federal police agencies investigating their own has long been understood to be problematic. NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge last year exposed NSW police as having paid out over $24 million in relation to police...

NSW Police Officer Acquitted of Assault Charges After District Court Appeal

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A Police officer who was found guilty of assaulting an Indigenous man in custody has been acquitted of all charges after a District Court Appeal. Last year, NSW Wales Police Officer Iain James Murray was found guilty of two counts...

NSW Police Officers Caught on Camera Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

by Paul Gregoire
NSW police has – yet again – been caught on camera phone footage administering rough justice. This time the incident involves undercover officers in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta meting out a bit of physical punishment on a First Nations...
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