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Drug Possession

People in High Places are Calling for Drug Decriminalisation

by Paul Gregoire
The global system of drug prohibition began in the early 20th century. Since then, a series of international drug control conventions have been established, ostensibly on the basis of trying to reduce the harms that certain drugs cause in the...

NSW Greens Move to Legislate for Life-Saving Pill Testing Services

by Paul Gregoire
During the last music festival season, five young Australians died in drug-related circumstances at NSW events. And while the death toll was high, the lost lives were no anomaly, and the potential for more casualties is ever present. Decades of...

A Crime of Compassion: An Interview With Green Light’s Nicholas Morley

by Paul Gregoire
Against the backdrop of the ACT having just passed laws to legalise cannabis use, and the pending three year anniversary of the government’s highly derided cannabis medicine licensing scheme, comes a documentary that deals with the reality of medicinal cannabis...

Wodak & Shoebridge on Scipione’s Talk of Drug Law Reform

by Paul Gregoire
These days, it’s well understood that the war on drugs has been a monumental failure. And there’s perhaps no one better placed to understand this, than those at the frontline of enforcing the prohibitionist laws that wreak havoc in the...

The Penalties for Possessing Cocaine in NSW

by Ugur Nedim & Amy Sarcevic
“It’s just a bit of fun, I’m not hurting anyone. Everyone does it. It’s better than getting out of control on alcohol.” Indeed, the use of cocaine – a drug once used in soft drinks like Coca-Cola – is prevalent...

Canberra Has Legalised the Possession of Cannabis

by Paul Gregoire
As of 31 January next year, it will be legal to smoke cannabis for recreational purposes in the ACT. The territory Legislative Assembly passed laws on 25 September that make using cannabis, possessing up to 50 grams of it and...

Canberra Has Turned Its Back on Medicinal Cannabis Patients

by Paul Gregoire
In May 2014, Barnaby Joyce spoke out in support of legalising cannabis medicine: a campaign fronted by a young patient named Dan Haslam. And two years later, the Nationals MP helped open the nation’s first medicinal cannabis farm in memory...

Welfare Drug Testing: Morrison Intensifies the War on the Unemployed

by Paul Gregoire
There’s currently a meme doing the rounds of the internet that depicts Jesus feeding the multitude. At the front of the crowd stands prime minister Scott Morrison with outstretched arms, beseeching Jesus as to what he should do. And Jesus...

Lawyers Call for Drug Decriminalisation: An Interview With ALHR’s Kerry Weste

by Paul Gregoire
Uniting launched the Fair Treatment campaign last October, which calls for the decriminalisation of the use and personal possession of illicit drugs, along with increased investment in harm reduction and treatment. The NSW campaign has the support of over 60...

Preaching “Just Say No” Endangers Lives: Informed Decision-Making Protects Them

by Paul Gregoire
We live in a state where the head of government continues to spout rhetoric about drug use in line with former US first lady Nancy Reagan. The “just say no” to drugs approach remains as simple and ineffective as it...
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