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Fraud Charges

Fraud Offences in Australia

The term fraud generally refers to conduct whereby a person or company gains a benefit for themselves or causes a detriment to another person or company through conduct that is dishonest and/or deceptive. In the context of the Australian criminal...

Can Witchcraft or Fortune Telling Amount to a Crime in NSW?

‘Double, double toil and trouble!’ – the mischievous dealings of cackling witches, flying around on broomsticks and cursing your crops have been a source of moral panic for centuries. It’s not surprising then, that criminal offences against witchcraft have been...

Is There a Difference Between White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime?

The terms white collar crime and corporate crime are often used interchangeably and there are situations where a single act can fall into both categories, as well as offences that can be classed as both white collar and corporate crimes....

The Sinister Side of AI: Scams, Sabotage and Sexualisation

We’ve been hearing the ‘astounding’ benefits of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past couple of years and how it has the potential to ‘revolutionise” the world in which we live. In the race to embrace the technology, little attention...

The Commonwealth Offence of Dishonestly Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception

A member of a motorcycle club in Sydney has been charged with a string of Commonwealth criminal offences in relation to a social media scam that has allegedly cost the Australian taxpayers $1.6 billion.  According to investigators, the fraud came...

Fraud Enabled by MyGov ‘Security Gap’ Costs Australian Taxpayers $500 Million

The Federal Government’s PR department has gone into overdrive this week, boasting about how it is drafting National Digital Identification legislation which it claims will safely and securely use the personal data of millions of Australians to streamline access to...

Robodebt Commission Recommends Criminal Charges Against Those Responsible

Robodebt was a scheme engineered and implemented by senior federal politicians and bureaucrats to illegally extort money from thousands of the most vulnerable members of our society, leading many into depression and driving some to suicide. In 2019, the Federal...

Psychic Scams Can Constitute the Criminal Offence of Fraud

ScamWatch, a division of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has announced that ‘psychic scams’ are on the rise, with a reported $555,240  extorted from Australians in 2022. Individuals purporting to be psychics or clairvoyants will often prey on...

The Offence of Fraud: Companies Generate Billions Without Criminal Consequences

This is the first in a series of 3 articles on the criminal offence of fraud. This article will focus on the history of fraud, and outline the conduct of those who engaged in the offence in what is arguably the...

Sentencing Hearing in Limbo as Government Assistance Denied to Fraud Offender

The sentencing hearing for the mastermind behind a $100 million in tax fraud scheme is in limbo until the issue of who will pay his estimated $50,000 in legal fees is settled.  Others involved in the Plutus Payroll scheme –...
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