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Bikies Charged Under Controversial Consorting Laws

Detective Superintendent Debbie Wallace has declared that she will be going tough on bikers who repeatedly associate with those who have criminal records, which is an offence known as ‘consorting’. Over the weekend, a total of 13 members of the Nomads Motorcycle Club were charged with criminal offences, and tough-talking Wallace says this is just …
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NSW Consorting Laws Upheld by High Court

A recent bid to have controversial NSW consorting laws repealed has been unsuccessful, with the High Court upholding the current legislation. Habitual consorting laws have been around since 1929, but were recently reviewed and updated to deal with an alleged spate of bikie-related crime. The new laws state that it is an offence for an …

Consorting Laws: Crime Prevention or Human Rights Violation?

Recent measures to reduce organised criminal activity have been challenged by the Australian Human Rights Commission, although they continue to be defended by NSW Solicitor-General Michael Sexton as a legitimate way to prevent convicted criminals and bikies planning future crimes. The controversial new consorting laws were introduced in April under the Crimes Amendment (Consorting and …