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Child Abuse Material

Child Pornography and Child Abuse Material Offences Across Australia

The possession, production or distribution of sexually explicit images and videos of children is criminalised in all jurisdictions across Australia, some of which refer to these images as child pornography and others as child abuse material. These offences apply in...

Producing Pornography in Australia – What Does The Law Say?

Whether you want to start an OnlyFans or create your own boutique production company, making smutty films involves navigating a variety of complex laws in Australia. Here’s a rundown of the rules. Is making pornography legal in Australia? The legal...

‘Sextortion’ Can Amount to a Criminal Offence Across Australia

According to recent media reports, there has been a rise of  attempts as Australia at ‘sexual extortion’, abbreviated to ‘sextortion’, with social media sites being used to target and blackmail victims, many of whom are young men concerned about compromising...

The Sinister Side of AI: Scams, Sabotage and Sexualisation

We’ve been hearing the ‘astounding’ benefits of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past couple of years and how it has the potential to ‘revolutionise” the world in which we live. In the race to embrace the technology, little attention...

The Offence of Using a Carriage Service to Procure a Child Under 16 for Sexual Activity

The deputy principal at a high school in Sydney’s south-west has been sentenced to more than three and a half years behind bars for sexting who he believed to be a 14-year old girl. Damian Wanstall’s LinkedIn profile hasn’t been...

AI Generated Images Are Being Used To Catch Online Sexual Predators

The recent released  film The Artifice Girl depicts the use of a fictitious child generated by artificial intelligence (AI) to lure and trap online child sexual predators. Whilst many features of the film are purely science fiction, police in Australia will often...

Can Children Be Placed on The Child Sex Offender Register

Sexual offences against children are considered as some of the most serious criminal offences in our state, creating public outrage and leading to calls for not only heavy punishments, but mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of future offending. That being...

Is ‘Lolicon’ Manga and Anime Legal In Australia?

When do cartoons become so offensive the criminal law needs to step in? ‘Lolicon’ is a subgenre of Japanese manga and anime that some have argued constitutes child pornography, which is known as ‘child abuse material’ in New South Wales...

Are ‘Paedophile Hunters’ Breaking The Law?

A number of self-proclaimed “paedophile hunters” have sprung up online over the last decade, producing video content where they track down and “expose” ostensibly predatory men who they engage in explicit conversations by pretending to be children. Many of these...

Is Sending an Unsolicited ‘Dick Pic’ a Crime in New South Wales?

Being a woman on the internet can be an unpleasant experience, particularly when pervy, socially incompetent men slide into your DMs. An unfortunate experience for many women is receiving unsolicited and unexpected pictures of male genitalia.  But does this common...
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