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Tax Fraud

The ATO’s New Game is to Name and Shame, But Perhaps It Should Look at Itself First

It’s no secret that during Scott Morrison’s time in the nation’s top job, the Federal Government invested a lot of money into the Australian Tax Office, ostensibly to crack down on those who engage in tax fraud and tax evasion...

Is There a Difference Between White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime?

The terms white collar crime and corporate crime are often used interchangeably and there are situations where a single act can fall into both categories, as well as offences that can be classed as both white collar and corporate crimes....

‘Mastermind’ of Australia’s Biggest Tax Fraud Receives Lengthy Prison Sentence

Adam Cranston, who was found to be one of the ‘masterminds’ behind Australia’s biggest tax fraud, has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars.  Adam Cranston is the son of former deputy commissioner of the ATO, Michael Cranston. He appeared...

Sentencing Hearing in Limbo as Government Assistance Denied to Fraud Offender

The sentencing hearing for the mastermind behind a $100 million in tax fraud scheme is in limbo until the issue of who will pay his estimated $50,000 in legal fees is settled.  Others involved in the Plutus Payroll scheme –...

Should Those Involved in Tax Fraud Schemes be Sent to Prison?

Lauren Cranston will spend at least five years behind bars for her role in the hundred million dollar Plutus Payroll tax fraud scheme. The 30-year old is the daughter of Michael Cranston, a former deputy commissioner of the Australian Taxation...

Much of the Same: Federal Labor Continues to Criminally Prosecute Whistleblowers

The man who has accused the Australian Tax Office (ATO) of covering up serious maladministration will now face trial.  Richard Boyle, a former ATO Debt Collector is accused of 24 offences - including recording and disclosing protected information he collected...

Social Media Influencers Under Investigation for Fraud

Australia’s securities regulator, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, or ASIC, is investigating more than 100 ‘influential’ social media accounts over reports of misleading and false advertising that has cost those who buy in millions, and could amount to the...

What Happens if I Am Late to Lodge My Income Tax Return?

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It’s probably fair to say the Australian Taxation Office isn’t seen as the fairest or most beloved organisation out there - taking a huge chunk of the hard-earned funds of residents every year and often meritlessly allocating much of it...

Former US President Could Face Criminal Charges

Legal commentators in the United States suggest that former President Donald Trump could face criminal charges for anything from failing to send classified documents to the National Archive to the offence of tax fraud, and potentially be disqualified from running...

ATO Investigates 40,000 Aussies Over Alleged Tax Fraud Scheme

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The ATO has more than 40,000 Australians in its sights, as it begins investigating what it says is a fraudulent scheme that’s cost the community around $850 million.  Individuals warned they are responsible for their conduct The scheme, promoted through...
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