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Penalties for Traffic Offences

Law, Defences and Penalties for Speed Racing, Drag Racing and Burnouts in NSW

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The adrenalin that comes with having a drag race or doing a burnout may be appealing to some, especially younger drivers who revel in the thrill of driving powerful cars. But it’s important to be aware undertaking these activities on...

Rules and Offences Relating to Number Plates in New South Wales

There are many traffic offences in New South Wales it is important for drivers to be aware of, to ensure the safety of all road users. Some of these may be obvious, such as not travelling above the speed limit and...

Which Driver Has To Give Way on NSW Roads? Know The Rules!

It’s a frequent topic of debate, and a not infrequent cause of road rage incidents: who has to give way to whom on NSW roads? Luckily, the Road Rules 2014 (NSW) cover almost every give way situation you can think...

When Does Overtaking Become a Traffic Offence in New South Wales?

Being stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle can be frustrating, especially if you are running late for work or a meeting, or have had a hard day and just want to get home. But it’s important to be aware that unsafe...

Boots, Bonnets and Trailers: Traffic Offences for Improperly Travelling In or On a Motor Vehicle

Whilst everyone enjoys a bit of fun, having your mate surf on the roof of your car is a stunt likely to come with a costly fine! The following outlines the NSW road rules regarding passengers safety in moving vehicle,...

Traffic Offences Relating to Not Wearing a Seatbelt in New South Wales

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At the end of 2023, the New South Wales Government announced that existing mobile and fixed speed cameras across the state would soon be able to detect whether drivers and passengers are wearing seatbelts and increasing enforcement measures for the offence...

Teen Sentenced to Imprisonment for Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

The teenage driver who caused the death of five friends when he crashed his ute into a tree while travelling at double the speed limit in Buxton in September 2022, has been sentenced to a full term of 12 years...

Is Receiving Oral Sex Whilst Driving A Crime?

Australian porn performer, Angela White, recently revealed on a podcast that she was once involved in a car crash whilst performing oral sex on her driver. And while the admission may raise the eyebrows of some, reports suggest that engaging...

High Range Drink Driving in NSW: The Law, Penalties and Defences

Police say they have charged dozens of with drink driving offences over the weekend during a two-day traffic blitz in Sydney’s south-west. According to police, Operation Fume was established to target traffic offences on the M5 and Hume Highway between...

I Got a Fine for Running a Red Light, But I Stopped. Can I Fight It?

There’s nothing worse than misjudging the amber traffic light whilst driving, slamming on the brakes to stop as soon as it turns red and noticing the sudden flash of a red light camera. Here’s an outline of the rules regarding...
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