Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 June 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Law, Defences, and Penalties for Possessing a Gel Blaster in Australia

A teen was recently charged with unauthorised possession of a firearm for carrying a gel blaster outside a Newcastle pub.

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Historical Sexual Assault: The Laws at the Time of the Alleged Conduct Apply

A woman sent to prison for having sexual intercourse with her 10 year old student in 1977 has had her conviction quashed, as the conduct wasn’t a crime at the time.

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Labor Ministers Grizzle Over Spray Painted Offices, as Sea of Palestinian Blood Is Spilt

Rather than complaining about pro-Palestinians graffitiing their offices, perhaps our leaders should take a stand and cease enabling the genocide.

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A Nasty Little Labor-led Nation Is Ramping Up Deportations, or Is It?

A furore erupted after the government threatened to crack down on our deportation system, but it seems it may be all to do about nothing.

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The Drug Offenders Program: Shane Prince SC and Jim Finnane on Early Intervention

The Drug Offenders Program is a short course for those whose drug use is a contributing factor to crime.

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Thorpe Calls for Human Rights Act, With Inclusion of Self-Determining Indigenous Rights

The Senator who was on the committee that recommended a federal human rights act asserts that the right to Indigenous self-determination must be included.

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The NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission: A Toothless Police Watchdog

The body is meant to oversee police powers and make officers accountable for misconduct, but is chronically underfunded and has no disciplinary power.

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Legalising and Regulating Cocaine Would Be a Sensible Lifesaving Reform

“More people are taking drugs than ever before and more drugs are being produced… [I]t’s time for another approach. We should have all options on the table.”

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Calling Australia Racist Is Forbidden, Yet Racialised Politicking Is Its Mainstay

“[O]ne of Australia’s most experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished journalists”, Laura Tingle, has been reprimanded for telling the truth: that “We are a racist country”.

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Jarryd Hayne’s Successful Appeal: The Reasons for the Result

The appeal succeeded as the trial judge improperly failed to allow evidence relating to the complainant’s deletion and concealment of messages that suggested consent.

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