Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 2 to 8 September 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

NSW Local Court In Crisis

A significant rise in the number of cases being heard in our local courts has stretched resources beyond the brink.

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NSW Police Officer Charged with Sexual Assault

A Sydney police officer has been released on bail after being accused of sexually assaulting one woman and sexually touching another.

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Cartel Offences in Australia: The Crime of Anti-Competitive Conduct

It has been announced there will be a third prosecution of alleged cartel conduct under new federal laws against anti-competitive conduct.

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Home Affairs Hypocrisy: Department Praises AFP Raids While Claiming to Support Press Freedom

The Home Affairs Secretary was privately praising the police for raiding a journalist’s home, while publicly claiming to support press freedom.

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Convicted Child Killer and Child Sexual Offender to be Released

There is heated debate about whether a man who has served his full 23 years in prison for dozens of child sexual offences and the killing of a nine-year old girl should be allowed to walk free.

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Uprising in West Papua, as Calls for Independence Grow

West Papuans are into their third week of mass demonstrations, demanding their right to self-determination.

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NSW Top Cop Angry About Criticism of Strip Searches

Commissioner Fuller is angry about the attention being focused on the police misuse of strip searches.

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Drop the Collaery Prosecution: An Interview With Australian Lawyers Alliance’s Greg Barnes

Australian barrister Bernard Collaery’s is facing a criminal trial for revealing the criminal acts of our government in Timor.

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Morrison’s Religious Privilege Bill Promotes Prejudice Over Equality

The Bill undermines anti-discrimination laws and provides ‘a host of goodies for bigots’.

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NSW to Pass More Laws Aimed at Silencing Animal Activists

The state government is passing new laws which will make it even more difficult for activists to expose animal cruelty.

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The Religious Discrimination Bill: What’s It All About?

The proposed legislation makes it unlawful to discriminate against persons of faith for making religious statements that discriminate against others.

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Lawyers Call for Drug Decriminalisation: An Interview With ALHR’s Kerry Weste

Countries that have shifted from treating drug use as criminal law problem to a health issue have reaped enormous social and economic benefits.

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Religious Discrimination Bill: Enabling Persons of Faith to Discriminate

The Religious Discrimination Bill seeks to allow persons of faith to make religious statements without fear of repercussions.

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Magistrate Criticises Police Over Heavy-Handed Arrest of Sydney Icon

The magistrate described the conduct of police as “awful”, “heavy-handed”, “unnecessary” and as having “no place in the modern constabulary”.

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