Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 26 August to 1 September 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Victoria to Decriminalise Public Drunkenness

The government announced the move just days before the inquest into the death of Tanya Day, who died as a result of a head injury sustained in a police cell.

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Sydney Parents Avoid Prison for Child Neglect

The girl has permanent health issues as a result of being inadequately nourished for the first 19 months of her life.

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Paying Cash? You Could End Up In Prison

The government proposes to make it a crime to pay for goods and services with more than $10,000 in cash.

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Zoe’s Law: NSW Government Moves to Criminalise Foetal Homicide

The proposed laws would recognise unborn babies as separate entities, capable of being victims of criminals acts.

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Morrison to Send Australian Troops to the Persian Gulf

The prime minister is sending our troops in what many believe is the precursor to yet another US-led invasion.

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Should Jurors be Informed of a Defendant’s Criminal Record?

Concerns have been raised about a proposal to inform jurors of a defendant’s criminal history.

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What are the Mental Elements for Criminal Code Act Offences?

The Criminal Code Act sets out the definitions of intention, knowledge, recklessness and negligence for federal crimes such as drug importation, social security fraud and the improper use of phones and the internet.

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Revolution of Our Times: An Interview With Hong Kong Protester Silver Lee

The Hong Kong protests are an example of people power in action.

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Popular Aussie Holiday Destination to Monitor Your Every Move

The local council is introducing technology to track the phones and credit cards of tourists.

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“Do Not Forget Assange”: Calls to Bring the WikiLeaks Founder Home

The Australian citizen is being “[t]reated worse than a murderer… isolated, medicated and denied the tools to fight the bogus charges of a US extradition”.

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Protecting the Kimberley: An Interview With Gooniyandi and Jabirr Jabirr Activist Ebony Hill

Ms Hill explains how “mining moguls with absolutely no humanitarian bone in them” are being allowed to destroy lands and jeopardise the communities around them.

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“A Step Too Far”: Morrison Moves to Criminalise Cash Payments

The Coalition has moved to make it a crime to pay $10,000 or more in cash for certain purchases.

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Premier Placates Conservatives by Delaying Vote on Abortion Bill

“Prolonging this debate might placate conservative MPs for now, but the reality is those MPs will never vote for the bill in any form”.

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