Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 5 to 11 December 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Finally, Positive Movement on the Extralegal Political Prosecution of Assange

Our PM and the media outlets that published WikiLeaks documents have called on the US to end Assange’s extradition.

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Free Violet Coco: Sydney Retakes the Streets Calling for an End to Perrottet’s War on Protest

Activists took to the streets to rally against draconian anti-protest laws and demand the release of nonviolent protester Violet Coco.

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‘Noble Cause Corruption’: Police Committing Crimes to Achieve Criminal Convictions

Former NSW police detective Gary Jubelin has been presented in shows like 60 Minutes and Under Investigation as a hero. But he is far from it.

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NSW Government Broadens the Reach of Anti-Money Laundering Laws

The Perrottet government has passed the most comprehensive anti-money laundering laws in the nation.

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No Sex for You! Indonesia Criminalises Sexual Intercourse Outside Marriage

The law prescribes up to 12 months in prison for intercourse outside marriage where a complaint is received from a spouse, parent or child.

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Great Prison Escapes: The History of Escaping from Lawful Custody

From digging tunnels to using helicopters, history is littered with ingenious schemes to avoid or escape incarceration.

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“Stand Up and Take Back Your Homelands”: Gurridyula on His Mission to Stop Adani

“Aboriginal people are now the last line of defence…. We are the last stop to this ongoing ecocide of Country.”

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Star Sued Over Money Laundering: An Interview with First AML’s Milan Cooper

“It’s really shocking when you dig into what crimes are enabled by money laundering, because they’re the most abhorrent crimes you can imagine”.

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“Two Walking Sticks to Get Around”: NSW Police Has Done a Serious Job on Danny Lim

The appalling assault by police on beloved 78-year old Sydney icon Danny Lim has left him with serious ongoing injuries.

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The Legalise Cannabis Victoria Election Result Bodes Well for Genuine Law Reform

The wave of support for cannabis reformists in the Victorian election could lead to long-overdue change.

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Perrottet’s Crusade to Demonise and Incarcerate Climate Defenders to Save Fossil Fuels

It seems our state government will do anything to appease the fossil fuel industry, regardless of the repercussions on citizens or impact on the environment.

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The Law, Defences and Penalties for Large Commercial Drug Supply in NSW

A former ABC news presenter has been refused bail after being charged with supplying $600,000 worth of prohibited drugs from Sydney hotel rooms.

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