The Horrors of Gaza Soar, as the US-Backed Israeli Genocide Continues Six Months On

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Horrors of Gaza

The next stage of the Gaza genocide that the Israeli military has its sights on is a ground invasion of Rafah, where more than one million Palestinians are gathered after the Netanyahu government has killed close to 32,000 people, with around 14,000 children dead and over 74,000 Gazans injured.

Democracy Now reported on Tuesday that despite planned discussions scheduled to take place between the White House and Netanyahu officials on alternatives to invading Rafah, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry has declared the invasion already underway, due to the daily bombings in the area.

“The message is that they are reoccupying all of the West Bank and all of Gaza, subjecting all Palestinian people, without exception, to terrible oppression,” said Palestinian National Initiative leader Mustafa Barghouti, speaking from Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

“The total number of people in Israeli gaols in the West Bank has risen from 5,300 to almost 9,000,” the Palestinian politician added, in terms of the rise since early October.

And prior to 7 October Hamas attacks, the West Bank was experiencing “an unprecedneted wave of the settler violence in the West Bank”.

The reason why the horrors in Gaza are continuing to soar from the unprecedented heinousness already reached, is that the Palestinian civilians of the Strip have been targeted by deadly Israeli attacks for near on half a year, and on top of this, they’ve too been starved by Tel Aviv.

Barghouti told Democracy Now host Amy Goodman that the entire 2.3 million Palestinians of Gaza are all suffering Israeli-imposed malnutrition, which is combined with the outcomes of six months of carpet bombing.

There is no shelter, with 70 percent of homes destroyed. There is no adequate food supply, medicines or even water.

“And this is all happening in front of the world,” Barghouti underscored. “We’re talking about famine…. And we are talking about actually 700,000 people starving now in the north of Gaza, that includes also Gaza City, of whom 350,000 are children.”

“Thirty children – children – have died because of starvation already.”

Countless interviews available online with Palestinians who have left the slaughter site in Gaza have expressed the general understanding of the population within the walls of the Strip, which considers the entire globe is simply watching on and doing nothing as Israel attempts to destroy them.

So, while many around the planet may consider that after six months, the worst of the atrocities in Gaza have already transpired, Barghouti conveys a starkly different scenario awaits if Israel does attack Rafah on the ground.

“It will cause a huge massacre, the largest massacre in human history probably, at least in the modern history,” the Palestinian politician made certain.

“We will be talking about tens of thousands of people who would be slaughtered. That is the reality.”

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