What’s the difference between a ‘surety’ and ‘security’ in a NSW Bail Application?

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The mainstream media often uses the term ‘surety’ to denote money or other valuable property provided to guarantee a person’s bail.

There are many examples of this, and such usage is as common as it is incorrect:






Surety versus security

The difference between the words ‘surety’ and ‘security’ in the context of bail applications is quite simple:

A ‘surety’, also known as a bail guarantor (and sometimes referred to as an ‘acceptable person’) is someone who guarantees bail for a person who applies for bail, by providing a security.

A ‘bail security’ is money or other property, or interest in property, that a bail guarantor provides to the court to support a bail application.

So, it makes no sense when the mainstream media says ‘X deposited an $X surety’, as this would suggest a physical person was deposited to the court.

Going to court for a bail application?

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