All Local Court Bail Applications to Be Heard in the Downing Centre

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Downing Centre Courthouse

The past few weeks have seen drastic changes to the way in which criminal cases are dealt with in the Children’s, Local, District and Supreme Courts.

On 2 April 2020, the Chief Magistrate of New South Wales, Judge Graeme Henson, issued Memorandum No. 8 – COVID-19 Arrangements which prescribes the following procedure for Local Court Bail Applications (also known as ‘bail reviews’) during COVID-19.

Applications for Release from Custody

The Memorandum makes clear that:

“Where the accused is in custody and an application is to be made for a review of bail necessitating a break in remand such an application in respect of the Sydney Greater Metropolitan are to be heard at the Downing Centre Local Court”.

The Memorandum proceeds to explain that the Downing Centre has 9 courtrooms equipped with Audio Visual Link technology, which exceeds that of other courts.

Applications for bail reviews are to be lodged in writing or by email to the Registrar of the Court which is hearing the substantive case (in other words, the court the case is being heard in) and served on police prosecutors at that court.

The Registrar of the substantive court is then required to send a copy of the application and the court papers (including the court attendance notice and criminal history) to the Registrar at Downing Centre Local Court.

The hearing of the bail application will normally occur in Downing Centre Local Court 3 working days after it is lodged. That 3 day period does not include the date of lodgement.

Other applications for bail review

In cases where the bail review does not involve a break in remand (ie is not an application for release from custody), the application is to be heard – if possible – by way of Audio Visual Link at the court in which the case is pending.

How do I lodge the application?

The Chief Magistrate’s office has provided the following contact information for the lodgement of bail applications:


Region: List/Resident


Associate Associate’s email
Sydney Her Honour Judge Hock Mr A Fischhof
Albury / Griffith His Honour Judge Grant Ms L Cohen
Armidale His Honour Judge Hunt Ms J Howard / Ms G James
Bathurst / Orange His Honour Judge Turnbull SC Mr T Primrose
Bourke Her Honour Judge Culver Mr N Lynch
Broken Hill Her Honour Judge Culver Mr N Lynch
Campbelltown His Honour Judge Colefax SC Ms A Arthur
Coffs Harbour/ Grafton His Honour Judge Priestley SC Mr L Pedlow
Coonamble Her Honour Judge Culver Mr N Lynch
Dubbo Her Honour Judge N Williams Ms C Edstein- Boyes Courtney.Edstein-
Gosford Her Honour Judge Bright Ms R Jessop
Lismore His Honour Judge McLennan SC Ms K Rogan
Moree Her Honour Judge Culver Mr N Lynch
Newcastle His Honour Judge Ellis Mr J Carpenter
Parramatta His Honour Judge Hanley SC Ms C Philippe
Penrith His Honour Judge Buscombe Ms E Adeyinka
Port Macquarie Her Honour Judge Culver Mr N Lynch
Tamworth Her Honour Judge Payne Ms J Cowley
Wagga Wagga His Honour Judge Lerve Ms L Cross
Wollongong His Honour Judge Haesler SC Ms D Letich


Applying for bail?

If you have a loved-one in custody who is seeking release from custody during COVID-19, call Sydney Criminal Lawyers anytime to speak with a specialist criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in making bail application.

Our head offices are across the road from the Downing Centre Court.

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