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Ugur Nedim

Ugur Nedim is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist with over 20 years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer. He is the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon: No Stranger to Controversy

by Jarryd Bartle & Ugur Nedim
Former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon AC is facing allegations of sexual harassment from six of his former associates, after a High Court Inquiry found the claims of the women to be substantiated. Mr Heydon, who sat on the High...

Former High Court Justice Accused of Sexually Harassing Associates

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The reputation of one of Australia’s pre-eminent legal minds has taken a battering after an independent inquiry by the High Court found he sexual harassed six female associates. The women claim that Mr Heydon’s status as one of the most...

The Law, Defences and Penalties for Assaulting Police in New South Wales

by Ugur Nedim
A 20-year old man from Curlewis, around 400 km north west of Sydney, has been charged with multiple criminal offences after a traffic stop in Telarah, 170 km north of Sydney, which occurred at around 8.40pm on Sunday, 21 June...

The Law, Defences and Penalties for Dangerous Driving in New South Wales

by Ugur Nedim
The driver of a utility is facing criminal charges after allegedly running a red light and killing a motorcyclist. Emergency services were called to the intersection of Windsor and Schofields Road, Rouse Hill, just after 5.45pm on Thursday, 18 June...

The Law, Defences and Penalties For High Range Drink Driving In New South Wales

by Ugur Nedim
The NSW Police Force says it has charged a man from Box Hill, north-west of Sydney, with high range drink driving and driving with an unrestrained passenger four to seven years of age after members of the public contacted them...

Is It Legal to Carry a Knife in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim
The NSW Police Force has reported charging 91 people with criminal offences during a two-day operation on 18 and 19 June 2020 which targeted ‘knife crime’ in Sydney’s south-western suburbs. Operation Saber II involved all nine South West Metropolitan Region...

Ms Dhu’s Death in Custody Leads to Law Reform

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Yamatji woman, Ms Dhu (whose name is not used for cultural reasons) was just 22 years old when she was dragged from her police cell at South Headland in Western Australia and bundled into the back of a police van,...

What Is the Crime of Fraud in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim
A 47-year old man and 38-year old woman from Surf Beach near Bateman’s Bay on the New South Wales South Coast have been charged with fraud under section 192E of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) for allegedly defrauding a bushfire...

Former NSW Labor MP Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Documents presented in the Newcastle court today allege that former NSW Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos repeatedly sexually assaulted an 11-year old boy while serving as a Lake Macquarie Councillor. Mthe 62-year old has already served 11 years after he was...

Is Hate Speech a Crime in Australia?

by Ugur Nedim
The perceived tension between free speech and hate speech is a topic of significant controversy and heated debate. Whereas proponents of unfettered free speech argue that a tenet of a healthy, functioning democracy is the freedom to express oneself however...
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