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Zeb Holmes

Zeb Holmes
Zeb Holmes is a lawyer with a passion for social justice who advocates criminal law reform, and a member of the content team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Space: The New Legal Frontier

It’s unlikely any of us will be a defendant or complainant in a crime allegedly committed outside the earth anytime soon. However, a recent United States case triggered discussion about how such matter might be dealt with in the future....

Newcastle Man Arrested Over Terrorist Threats

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New South Wales counter-terrorism police have arrested an alleged right-wing extremist from Newcastle for threatening to cause a “mass casualty event” at a mosque. 43-year old Cormac Rothsey was arrested following an investigation by the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team,...

Deepfake Porn: The Dark Side of the Web

The internet has changed the world, facilitating instant access to vast amounts of information through a few clicks of the keyboard, enabling the creation of public personas, making it easier to find and connect with others, voice views, shop, and...

Religious Discrimination Bill: Enabling Persons of Faith to Discriminate

The Coalition has released its long-awaited religious discrimination bill, making it unlawful to discriminate against persons of faith for religious statements that are offensive to others. Many believe the Bill has been informed by the recent Israel Folau saga, and...

Home Affairs Hypocrisy: Department Praises AFP Raids While Claiming to Support Press Freedom

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It has been reported that Home Affairs Secretary, Mike Pezzullo, was privately praising the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for raiding the home of News Corporation journalist, Annika Smethurst, while publicly claiming to support press freedom. The raid Last year, Ms...

Should Jurors be Informed of a Defendant’s Criminal Record?

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The Queensland government is proposing to broaden the situations where fact-finders - such as juries - are permitted to hear about a defendant’s criminal record, in a move which representatives of the legal profession argue will undermine the presumption of...

Victoria to Decriminalise Public Drunkenness

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The Victorian government has announced it will decriminalise public drunkenness, just days before the CoroniaI Inquest into the death of Indigenous woman Tanya Day. The death of Tanya Day The 55-year old Yorta Yorta woman caught a train from Echuca...

Coroner Criticises Police ‘Shoot to Kill’ Policy

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South Australia’s Deputy Coroner, Anthony Schapel, has criticised the policy of police to shoot persons who pose “high-risk threats” in the torso, suggesting each situation should instead be assessed and killing used only as a measure of last resort. During...

Police Officer Accused of Targeting Critic of ‘Harmful Cult’

South Australian police detective, Eric Walsh, has been accused of leading fellow members of an organisation described as a “socially harmful cult” to have criminal charges brought against a critic. Sergeant Walsh allegedly advised 30 fellow members of the organisation,...

Union-Busting Legislation Passes Lower House

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The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2019 has passed the lower house of Federal Parliament, with the Coalition hoping to capitalise on the recent controversy surrounding CFMEU Victoria leader John Setka to gain power to control and...
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