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Assault Charges

NSW Police Under Investigation Over Delayed Response to Domestic Violence Report

Australian Femicide Watch has reported that another woman has been murdered at the hands of her male partner, making her the 47th female to be killed in the nation as a result of domestic violence offending this year alone, the...

NSW Crackdown on Domestic Violence: Police Blitzes and Bail Reforms

More than 550 people described by police as the state’s ‘most high risk domestic violence offenders’ have been arrested and charged with a total of 1,070 offences during in a four day police operation across New South Wales that ran...

Higher Bail Threshold and Monitoring Devices Proposed for Alleged Domestic Violence Offending

The New South Wales government’s latest response to the epidemic of domestic violence across the state is to make it harder for those charged with domestic violence offences to achieve bail and to require monitoring devices to be worn by...

Domestic Violence Offences Plague Indigenous Communities Across Australia

By Emma Starr Domestic violence offences are at epidemic levels across Australia, impacting individuals and families in all communities. But when it comes to Indigenous communities, the prevalence of domestic violence offending is especially alarming. According to a report by...

A Tale of Two Failed Approaches to Violence: That Toward Women and Terrorism

The fear of terrorism offences has played a prominent role in the Australian psyche since the early 2000s. And a complicated set of laws has since been enacted to combat a particular type of crime, and this bipartisan project has...

Australian Governments Promise to Crackdown on Domestic Violence Offences

Welcome, Anthony Albanese, to the ‘national crisis’ of domestic violence offences predominantly - but certainly not always - committed by men against women. In response to thousands of women, men and children rallying over the weekend against the epidemic of...

Law, Penalties and Defences for Assaulting Frontline Emergency and Health Workers in NSW

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New South Wales Police have charged a 31- year old man over allegations he sexually touched and threatened a female paramedic who was trying to help him.  Police allege the incident occurred inside an ambulance on 30 March 2024, while...

NSW Police Officers Assault Teen for Possessing a Vape

The actions of New South Wales police officers have gone viral for all the wrong reasons once again, this time due to their illegal arrest of a young teenager in possession of a vape: an act which is completely legal....

The Offence of Assault Causing Death Whilst Intoxicated in NSW

A New South Wales man has been charged with assault causing death over the death of a security guard outside Royal Hotel at Sutherland in Sydney’s south.  The 30-year old security guard, who had moved from Saudi Arabia to Australia...

NSW Police Under Fire for Manhandling Woman with Baby

New South Wales Police have again come under scrutiny for heavy handed policing after manhandling a woman with a baby at an event in Sydney where Prime minister Anthony Albanese was speaking.  According to bystanders, the pro-Palestine protester had a...
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