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Centrelink Offences

Will Centrelink Prosecute If I Make a Genuine Mistake?

by Ugur Nedim
If you have been overpaid by Centrelink, you could find yourself facing an investigation and possibly criminal charges for fraud. The exact nature of the charges and the likely penalty will depend on the circumstances and the amount of money...

Common Centrelink Fraud Penalties

by Ugur Nedim
If Centrelink has overpaid you as a result of a deliberate attempt to obtain payments you weren’t entitled to, you could find yourself facing fraud charges. Offences against federal government organisations such as Centrelink are treated as Commonwealth offences, and...

Will I Face Criminal Charges if I Have an Overpayment from Centrelink?

by Ugur Nedim
If you have received an overpayment from Centrelink, or any other government organisation, you may be charged with a criminal offence, depending on the circumstances. Offences involving Centrelink are classified as Commonwealth Offences, which means that they are dealt with...

What Should I do if I’m facing A Centrelink Overpayment Prosecution?

by Ugur Nedim
Over payment of Centrelink benefits can lead to serious criminal charges, particularly if it is believed that you deliberately withheld information or misled Centrelink for the purposes of receiving benefits that you weren’t entitled to. The process for Centrelink overpayment...
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