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12 Reasons to Choose Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Being prosecuted for a criminal or traffic offence can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may be unfamiliar with the process, unsure of the best way forward and concerned about the outcome. But whether you are charged with a less-serious matter such as drug possession, drink driving or common assault, or accused of something as serious …
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Crime Commission Denies Child Terrorism Suspect Basic Protections

The NSW Crime Commission is an independent statutory body which aims to investigate serious criminal activity and obtain evidence which may lead to a prosecution. It has a wide range of powers – including the ability to summon persons of interest to answer questions about suspected criminal activity without charging them with any offence. Importantly, …
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Police Integrity Commission – Who Polices the Police?

The police force is in place to deal with members of the community who break the law, but what happens when a police officer is suspected of a crime? The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) was set up in 1996 by the NSW Government to oversee allegations of police misconduct and investigate when required. As well …