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Crime Commission

What is the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission?

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) was created on 1 July 2016 under the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 (Cth)(‘the ACC Act’). It consolidated three former federal intelligence agencies: the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)...

Is There a Difference Between White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime?

The terms white collar crime and corporate crime are often used interchangeably and there are situations where a single act can fall into both categories, as well as offences that can be classed as both white collar and corporate crimes....

PJCIS: Major Party National Security Law Rubber Stamping Club’s Mandate to Broaden

Since 9/11, the Australian government has passed coming up on close to 100 pieces of national security/counterterrorism legislation, with bipartisan approval, that, along with enhancing the security state, has served to whittle away at the basic rights and liberties of...

White-Collar Crime: Definition, Categories, Evolution and Notable Cases

This article will endeavour to define what is regarded as white collar crime and explore a portion of the multitude of white-collar crimes through the ages, from the litany of the broad variety of crimes which form this type offending....

Mark Standen: Corrupt Crime Commission Czar

A young schoolboy who aspired to be a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) pilot could not have dreamed his adult life would be entangled with Dutch drug cartel godfathers, semi-trailer drug manufacturing operations, millions of dollars in cash. But budding...

A History of the New South Wales Crime Commission

The New South Wales Crime Commission Act 1985 enabled the establishment in the following year of a law enforcement agency with extraordinary investigative powers and little oversight. The Act was superseded by the Crime Commission Act of 2012, whose stated...

The History of Drug Criminalisation in the Western World

The first importers and suppliers of what are now classed as illegal drugs were not your typical criminals, but a group of nations, called Great Britain, Portugal, France and the United States of America. The Opium war Britain actually started...

The Offence of Importing a Commercial Quantity of Border Controlled Drugs into Australia

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In an operation involving law enforcement agencies from several countries, a commercial quantity of liquid methamphetamine concealed in containers marked as ‘A Be Coco Coconut Water’ and allegedly headed for New South Wales has been seized in Hong Kong.  ...

Australian Police Continue to Raid Cannabis Farmers… Meanwhile in Thailand

Strike Force Mactier raided a Peats Ridge property on 26 August, seizing 50 kilograms worth of cannabis head and 2,137 plants from four greenhouses. NSW police officers arrested three men in relation to the setup, charging them with large commercial cultivation and...

Legislating Cannabis Legalisation: An Interview With Legalise Cannabis Candidate Gail Hester

When US Federal Bureau of Narcotics commissioner Harry Anslinger commenced his cannabis demonisation program in the 1930s, it was one of the most widely used medicines in Australia, with the first federal health director general having previously advised against any need...
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