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Drug Offences

Sure, Minns Promised a Drug Summit, But That Was When Seeking Election

Guess what? NSW premier Chris Minns hasn’t been the progressive politician he’d attempted to portray he would be during the 2023 election campaign. Indeed, it’s hard to believe, after a year of his leadership, that is the same guy, who...

Legalising and Regulating Cocaine Would Be a Sensible Lifesaving Reform

Cocaine Inc, a new podcast series based on a joint investigation by The Times and News Corp, which covers the trade in illegal cocaine across six different countries that, as the narrator explains, is “an industry where the profits are...

The Drug Offenders Program: Shane Prince SC and Jim Finnane on Early Intervention 

The hardline approach taken to psychoactive drugs has pushed their use underground, which causes barriers to seeking help for those who develop problematic use, as they’re admitting to a crime, while the funding of an ever-increasing habit can also become...

How Long Does a Drug Offence Stay on My Criminal Record?

By Emma Starr Having to go to court for a drug offence can be daunting, and you may be concerned about the implications of pleading guilty or being found guilty of an offence such as drug possession or drug supply. ...

Drug Supply Charges: Pleading Guilty, Remorse and Rehabilitation Can Significantly Reduce Sentence

by &
A former AFL player has been sentenced to a full term of five years and four months in prison, with a non-parole period of three years, after being sentenced over multiple counts of supplying a prohibited drug as well as...

The Slow Drip Death of the NSW Festival Industry: A Targeted State Approach

The Australian festival industry is still struggling post-pandemic shutdown. Main stayer Groovin the Moo had to cancel its annual regional tour last February, while Victoria’s three-decade-old Falls Festival had to cancel its last New Year’s Eve event, with dozens more...

Is the NSW Police Force Actively Impeding Drug Law Reform?

The Uniting Church NSW.ACT launched Fair Treatment, a campaign calling for drug decriminalisation to be rolled out in the two jurisdictions in which it operates. And Sir Richard Branson was in Sydney to support the launch. The Virgin entrepreneur went...

Harm Reduction Coalition Aotearoa’s Dr Julian Buchanan on Legalising All Illicit Drugs

Drug law reformists in the state of New South Wales are currently grappling with a government that has reneged on preelection promises regarding changes to the jurisdiction’s drug laws, with a slated NSW drug summit to deliberate upon drug decriminalisation,...

Former NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery Calls on NSW Government to Reform Drug Laws

“We should all be accustomed by now to government promises - before and after elections - being broken or modified and this seems to be just another example,” former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicolas Cowdery said, regarding the go-slow...

Premier Minns, Queensland Is Rolling Out Pill Testing to Save Lives. Why Isn’t NSW?

Queensland has just embarked on the path of making pill testing, or drug checking, services legally available to constituents, which allows them to ascertain the content of the illicit substances in their possession, in order to have a clearer understanding...
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