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NSW Penalties for Criminal Offences

The Law, Penalties and Defences Relating to Money Laundering in New South Wales

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A Sydney millionaire has been arrested and charged after police claim to have found $7 million dollars in a backyard bunker. Well known businessman, 39-year old Hugo Jacobs was arrested at Sydney Airport before boarding a flight to Dubai after...

What is a Conditional Release Order in New South Wales?

by Patrick O’Sullivan
On 24 September 2018, the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Community-based Orders and Other Matters) Regulation 2018 came into effect. The Regulation amended the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (the Act) by, among other things, replacing the old “section 10(1)(b) good...

Sydney Police Officer and Catholic Priest Charged with Child Abuse Material Offences

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
A Catholic Priest and Police Officer, both based in Sydney, have been charged with child abuse material offences after an investigation by the Professional Standards Command in May this year into data being stored on and distributed from an electronic...

Retrial Ordered Due to Judge’s Failure to Give Fair and Proper Directions to Jury

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
According to the Crown, David Melia pulled into a service station in the Sydney southwestern suburb of Ruse to buy tobacco on the night of 26 June 2018. After being approached by Frank McGuiness, Melia agreed to drive the stranger...

What is False Imprisonment in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
A false imprisonment occurs where a person is detained in contravention of the law. It can happen where police officers exercise an unlawful arrest; in other words; arrest a person in the absence of a warrant and without complying with...

What are the Penalties for Prohibited Drug Offences in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim
The main piece of legislation in New South Wales which facilitates the prohibition of drugs is the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (‘the Act’). The main criminal offences contained in the Act are divided into two parts: Summary offences...

The Offence of Having Custody of a Knife in a Public Place or School

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The New South Wales Government is currently reviewing a legal exception which allowed a New South Wales teenager to be carrying a knife, which he allegedly used to stab a fellow student at a Sydney High School. Under section 11C...

What is an Unlawful Detention?

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
As information continues to emerge about the recent alleged kidnapping of former Australian test cricketer Stuart MacGill, many people are still coming to terms with the chilling details. Mr MacGill alleges he was kidnapped on 14 April 2021, driven to...

What is a Sentencing Discount in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
22 year old Sydney man Mert Ney has been sentenced to a full term of 44 years in prison, with a non-parole period of 33 years, after pleading guilty to murdering 24 year old sex worker Michaela Dunn before running...

What Is Involuntary Manslaughter?

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Melbourne trucking company manager Simiona Tuteru is currently facing four charges of manslaughter in relation to the deaths of four police officers who were killed when they were run over by truck driver Mohinder Singh in April 2020 on Melbourne’s...
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