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Sexual Intercourse Without Consent: Rape and Sexual Assault Laws in Australia

Being accused of a sexual offence is a traumatic and difficult experience, especially if it is one which comprises an allegation of non-consensual sexual penetration. But knowing what the law says is a good first step to understanding what the...

Producing Pornography in Australia – What Does The Law Say?

Whether you want to start an OnlyFans or create your own boutique production company, making smutty films involves navigating a variety of complex laws in Australia. Here’s a rundown of the rules. Is making pornography legal in Australia? The legal...

Should Uniform Affirmative Consent Laws Be Enacted Across Australia?

Victoria is the latest jurisdiction to introduce affirmative sexual consent laws, becoming the third Australian jurisdiction to enact laws which require those who participate in sexual activity to take positive steps to ensure the other party or parties are consenting....

Criminal Offences Related to Paying for Sexual Services in New South Wales

Although sex work has largely been decriminalised in New South Wales, criminal offences still apply to the purchase of sexual services in certain circumstances. Here is what you need to know as a client of sex workers. General Rules Regarding...

The Rules for Opening and Operating a Sex on Premises Venue in NSW

From gay saunas to swingers events, sex clubs (or sex-on-premises venues) provide a unique space for fantasies to be explored. Following on from our articles on opening a brothel and a strip club, here’s what you need to know about...

Is It a Crime to Lie About Your Age for Sex?

Getting older isn’t easy, particularly when it narrows your prospects in the dating game. It’s understandable that many are tempted to sneakily lower their age on Tinder or to tell a little white lie on a date, particularly if there’s...

What is the Definition of Sexual Consent in New South Wales?

The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Act 2021 came into effect on 1 June 2022 (NSW), repealing the definition of sexual consent contained in section 61HE of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) and inserting a new Subdivision 1A into Division...

The Offence of Inciting a Person to Sexually Touch Another Without Consent

High-profile rugby union player Kurtley Beale is facing several charges relating to sexual offences arising from an incident that allegedly occurred in Sydney’s eastern suburbs late last year. Although details of the alleged offence are sparse, it has been reported that...

What is the Age of Sexual Consent in New South Wales?

The law says a person is unable to lawfully agree to sexual activity such as sexual intercourse, sexual touching or a sexual act before they reach a certain age, this is known as the ‘age of consent’. This means a person...

Should “Affirmative Consent” Be Required Before Sexual Activity?

Clear verbal or behavioural assurances prior to sexual encounters will be mandatory under reforms to New South Wales sexual consent laws. Those who fail to obtain such assurances will face the prospect of being convicted of sexual offences. Welcomed by...
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