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Terrorism Charges

The Myth of the Far-Right Lone Actor: An Interview With Researcher Dr Kaz Ross

by Paul Gregoire
Monday, 15 March 2021 marks the second anniversary of the Christchurch massacre: a terrorist attack that involved an Anglo Australian man entering two mosques in the largest city on NZ’s South Island and gunning down multiple victims, 51 of whom...

Coalition Refuses to Act Against the Threat of Far-Right Extremism

by Paul Gregoire
Images capturing a group of Anglo Australian men with their shirts off standing before a burning cross in the Victorian Grampians in late January 2021 make it increasingly hard to dismiss far-right groups as simply ineffectual suburban youths with too much...

The Fear of Terrorism Does Not Justify the Wholesale Removal of Citizens’ Rights

by Paul Gregoire
Home affairs minister Peter Dutton slid through his ASIO Bill 2020 with bipartisan approval on the final sitting day of parliament last year. The usual suspect, the fear of terrorism, was cited as justification for the passing of the 90th...

What is a Control Order Under the Criminal Code Act 1995?

by Sonia Hickey
A Sydney man has been arrested and charged with three counts of contravening a control order issued by the Federal Court of Australia. 25-year old Radwan Dakkak pleaded guilty in December 2020 to two counts of associating with a terrorist...

The Offence of Advocating Terrorism in Australia

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
A New South Wales teenager has been arrested and charged with terrorism offences. In documents handed up to Albury Local Court, police allege that 18 year old Tyler Jakovac from Albury on the NSW-Victoria border used an encrypted online messaging...

Former Journalist Charged with Terrorism Offences

by Sonia Hickey
A former journalist has been arrested and charged with planning a terrorist attack in Bundaberg, Queensland. James Waugh worked for local newspapers in the Canberra region and, in 2018, had access to the Federal Press Gallery at Parliament House. It’s...

White Supremacists: The Real Terrorism Threat

by Sonia Hickey
The Australian Security and Intelligence Agency (ASIO) has identified the “Neo Nazi movement” as a considerable threats to Australia’s national security. Every year, the director-general of ASIO delivers a terrorism threat assessment with a view to identifying and taking measures...

Attacks at Australian Mosques Continue: An Interview With ANIC’s Bilal Rauf

by Paul Gregoire
A man carrying a machete approached a number of worshippers on their way to the side entrance of Holland Park Mosque in Brisbane’s southside at around 8.30 pm last Wednesday. After being alerted to his presence, the congregants rushed inside...

Newcastle Man Arrested Over Terrorist Threats

by Zeb Holmes & Ugur Nedim
New South Wales counter-terrorism police have arrested an alleged right-wing extremist from Newcastle for threatening to cause a “mass casualty event” at a mosque. 43-year old Cormac Rothsey was arrested following an investigation by the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team,...

Isolating Extremists Increases the Danger

by Zeb Holmes & Ugur Nedim
One of the responses used by many countries to the threat of violent extremism has been to segregate suspected offenders in prison. However, a decade-long study of prisons in the Philippines by Australian National University researcher Dr Clarke Jones suggests...
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