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“No Longer a Victim, But a Survivor”: An Interview With Voices for Change’s Catalina Valencia

by Paul Gregoire
Catalina Valencia was a strong, independent mother, who worked in various roles helping others in the community. She was a case manager assisting women impacted by homelessness, as well as an interpreter for people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Although, that...

No Conviction for Cannabis Oil Manufacture and Supply: An Interview With Cannabis Healer Jenny Hallam

by Paul Gregoire
Finally, after three years, Jenny Hallam’s ordeal with the authorities is over. And thankfully, rather than facing any prison time, last Thursday, SA District Court Judge Rauf Soulio recorded no conviction against her name and imposed a two year good...

When the Rivers Run Dry: An Interview With Bourke Water Activist Fleur Thompson

by Paul Gregoire
Scotdesco is a remote Aboriginal community on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia that ran out of water last week. And despite the community having called on the state government back in April for help regarding their...

Mass Climate Refugees on the Horizon: An Interview With Dr Ian M McGregor

by Paul Gregoire
An open letter declaring that “planet Earth is facing a climate emergency” –  co-signed by 11,000 scientists – was published on Tuesday. It asserts that despite the science being in on climate for 40 years, greenhouse gas emissions continue to...

“Systemic Unlawfulness”: An Interview With Dr Vicki Sentas on Police Powers

by Paul Gregoire
Unsurprisingly, the recently released Rethinking Strip Searches by NSW Police report drew the ire of the force. Commissioned by the Redfern Legal Centre, the UNSW report caused reigning state police commissioner Mick Fuller to criticise it very publicly. At a...

Basta! Mass Protests of Discontent: An Interview With Chileans United’s Patrick Vasquez

by Paul Gregoire
Over a million people took to the streets in downtown Santiago on 25 October, bringing a halt to major parts of the city to demand that the reactionary Piñera government bring about structural reforms in a South American nation known...

Trade Agreements Pre-empt Dissent: An Interview With AFTINET’s Dr Patricia Ranald

by Paul Gregoire
Thousands of Aymara Indians held a series of protests in southern Peru back in May 2011, calling on the government to cancel the licence of the planned Santa Ana silver mine in the Puno region. The local Indigenous people asserted...

Ditch the Dogs: An Interview With Sniff Off’s David Shoebridge

by Paul Gregoire
The leaked recommendations of the NSW coronial inquiry into music festival deaths suggest that sniffer dogs be abolished at these events, as the evidence points to “a link between the use of drug dogs and more harmful means of consumption”....

Justice for Mhelody: An Interview With Migrante Australia’s Lina Cabaero

by Paul Gregoire
Mhelody Polan Bruno died at around 10 am on 22 September at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital. The death occurred after paramedics attended an apartment the morning before, where they stabilised her. The 25-year-old Filipina trans woman had been holidaying in...

Silencing Journalists Threatens Democracy: An Interview with Award-Winning Journalist Peter Greste

by Amy Sarcevic
Prior to the 9/11 terrorist attack, there was only one specific piece of anti-terrorism legislation in Australia – a local law in the Northern Territory. Now, there are a staggering 82, with five more currently being considered by parliaments. As...
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