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“An Act of Negligence”: An Interview With COVID Prison Watch’s Miranda Gibson

by Paul Gregoire
The NSW government passed a suite of emergency laws on 24 March, just as it was about to close parliament for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. And amongst the extraordinary measures that were set in play, were provisions that...

“A Political Injustice”: An Interview With the Housing Defence Coalition’s Adam Adelpour

by Paul Gregoire
The Housing Defence Coalition stepped in on 20 April to prevent a St Peters tenant by the name of Layla being evicted from her place of residence. The New Zealander recently lost her job due to the COVID-19 lockdown and...

May Day Car Convoy Rally Calls for Worker Rights and Climate Action: An Interview With Rachel Evans

by Paul Gregoire
The May 1 Movement held the No Worker Left Behind car cavalcade protest in Sydney’s CBD on 9 April. It was drawing attention to the federal government having just passed the JobKeeper wage subsidy package, which simply neglected to cover...

No Social Licence for Effective App Take-Up: An Interview With Digital Rights Watch’s Lizzie O’Shea

by Paul Gregoire
The prime minister outlined last week that the nation might be able to start lifting some of the restrictions involved with the COVID-19 lockdown in a month’s time. And this is in part based on the proviso that at least...

COVID Policing in Australia: An Interview With Liberty Victoria’s Michael Stanton

by Paul Gregoire
As the majority of Australians sit at home during the lockdown, we’re keenly aware that the reason we are isolating is to halt the spread of COVID-19. And as a nation, we’ve been very compliant. Indeed, some might say, this...

No COVID-19 Uni Cuts: An Interview With Students Organising Resistance’s Shovan Bhattarai

by Paul Gregoire
The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in a huge economic downturn for Australian universities caused by the closure of borders, the loss of international student revenue and the forced shutdown of campuses. Due to its heavy reliance on students from abroad...

“Bloody Reprehensible”: Gerry Georgatos on Perth Rough Sleepers During COVID-19

by Paul Gregoire
Right now, there’s around 1,000 rough sleepers in the wider Perth, Fremantle and Peel region. And despite the fact that the rest of the population is in lockdown, the majority of these homeless people are still out on the streets...

These Punishments Aren’t Democratic: An Interview With the RLC’s Samantha Lee

by Paul Gregoire
The need to get people off the streets and keeping a safe distance from others during the COVID-19 crisis is well understood. However, what’s not quite so understood is why NSW police officers have been handed extensive powers to enforce...

Closures of Parliament Are Unwarranted: An Interview With NSWCCL President Nicholas Cowdery

by Paul Gregoire
Except for those brief moments when it has been chided during the COVID-19 crisis – think Bondi Beach – the Australian public has done extremely well in completely changing the way it goes about its everyday life, with the implementation...

“Everyone is Fearful”: An Interview With Mantra Refugee Detainee Ismail Hussein

by Paul Gregoire
Over the last three weeks, the Australian government has stepped up its response to the COVID-19 crisis to the point that now there are reports that it might have succeeded in flattening our nation’s curve. However, when it comes to...
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