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Jury Trials

The Offence of Juror Misconduct in New South Wales

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The trial of two men accused of sexual assault has been vacated and a fourth trial ordered as a result of a ‘flagrant breach’ of the trial judge’s directions, which was found to have amounted to juror misconduct.  The jury...

What is the Suitors’ Fund in New South Wales?

by Sonia Hickey
Being accused of a criminal offence can be a life-changing experience, one that can lead to reputational and career loss, great stress and anxiety, and in cases where the defence team is privately funded, enormous financial loss. On top of...

What Happens if a Jury Cannot Reach a Unanimous Verdict in NSW?

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
A jury of 11 will recommence deliberations in Downing Centre District Court today, after returning not guilty verdicts for five out of 26 criminal charges during deliberations after the trial of former Sydney swimming coach Kyle Daniels. Mr Daniels pleaded...

When Can a Jury Be Discharged in New South Wales?

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The trial of a 22 year old Sydney swimming instructor will now be forced to restart, after the jury was discharged by NSW District Court Judge Kara Shead, on the second day of trial. The jury had been assembled this...

Disability and Jury Service in NSW

by Zeb Holmes
The ACT Legislative Assembly has passed laws which broaden the range of people who can serve on a jury. People with disabilities will be no longer be automatically exempt from jury duty in the nation’s capital. Rather, courts will decide...

Pell to Stand Trial over Child Sexual Assault Allegations

by Sonia Hickey
The Melbourne Magistrates Court has committed Cardinal George Pell to stand trial over multiple historical child sexual assault allegations. Magistrate Belinda Wallington found there is enough evidence for Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric to stand trial. However, the court discharged...

Tinder Murder Trial: What the Jury Wasn’t Told

by Sonia Hickey
Mr Gable Tostee was acquitted yesterday of both murder and manslaughter over the death of his Tinder date Warriena Wright, who fell from his 14th floor apartment after the pair got into an argument. As reported in an earlier blog,...

Advantages Of The Jury System: Should We Keep Jury Trials?

by Ugur Nedim
Homer Simpson: “Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say you’re prejudiced against all races” Today most people see jury duty as a hassle, and to be avoided if at all possible. Historically, the right to...

Representations: How to Get Your Case Dropped Before it Reaches a Defended Hearing or Jury Trial

by Ugur Nedim
Our video and Blog post below discusses the question: What are Representations? What are Representations? Representations are basically letters to the prosecution asking them to drop some or all, or reduce the seriousness, of charges brought against you. Charges can...

Is it Better to Have a Jury Trial or a Judge-Alone Trial?

by Ugur Nedim
If you are facing a criminal matter in the district or supreme court, you will most often be tried in front of a jury. A jury is made up of a panel of 12 people who are randomly selected members...
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