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Speeding Offences

Double-Demerit Points Apply Over King’s Birthday Long Weekend

With the New South Wales road toll rising to 158 in 2024, 26 more than for the same period last year, drivers are being urged to drive carefully this King’s Birthday long weekend and refrain from committing traffic offences, and...

Which Offences Can Be Captured By Traffic Enforcement Cameras?

By Emma Starr Traffic enforcement cameras seem to be everywhere on our roads these days, whether in the form of red light cameras, fixed or mobile speed cameras, combined red-light speed cameras, mobile phone detection cameras or bus lane cameras....

New South Wales Traffic Offences: Recent Updates to Road Rules

By Emma Starr As the pace of modern life accelerates and technology continues to shape our world, it is essential to update road rules to keep drivers safe and traffic flowing efficiently.  In Australia, a series of new road rules...

How Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work in New South Wales?

The New South Wales road toll has escalated to 106 deaths to date in 2024 - up from 90 for the same period last year.  The figures suggest that 367 lives have been lost on the State’s roads in the...

Law, Defences and Penalties for Speed Racing, Drag Racing and Burnouts in NSW

by &
The adrenalin that comes with having a drag race or doing a burnout may be appealing to some, especially younger drivers who revel in the thrill of driving powerful cars. But it’s important to be aware undertaking these activities on...

What are the Rules for Learner Drivers in New South Wales?

Getting your driver licence is a huge milestone on the path to adulthood.  It provides a sense freedom and independence, but it also comes with responsibilities. Driving also comes with risks and, sadly, statistics suggest that less experienced drivers who...

Speeding Offences In NSW: What Is the Speed Limit If There Are No Signs?

Driving or riding in excess of the speed limit, or speeding, is one of the most frequently penalised traffic offences in New South Wales. According to Revenue NSW, the state government received more than $1.5 billion in revenue from fines...

‘Safe Drivers’ Will Soon Have One Demerit Point Erased

More than one million drivers will have a demerit point wiped from their licences, on 17 January 2024, provided they have not committed a traffic offence for the year leading up to that date. The removal of one demerit point from...

Teen Sentenced to Imprisonment for Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

The teenage driver who caused the death of five friends when he crashed his ute into a tree while travelling at double the speed limit in Buxton in September 2022, has been sentenced to a full term of 12 years...

The Offence of Driver Not Having Proper Control of Vehicle in NSW

Police in Slovakia had to look twice when they spotted a car going over the speed limit - the speed camera photo showed a Golden Retriever behind the wheel!  The motorist later claimed the dog jumped into his lap moments...
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