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Speeding Offences

Double Demerits Over the Easter Long Weekend

by Sonia Hickey
Double-demerit points are in in force for an extended period this Easter, to include the Anzac Day holiday. Double-demerits start today and run until April 22, then start again on April 24, and run through until April 28. The double...

Government May Remove Speed Camera ‘Warning’ Signs

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A report released on 18 October 2018 by the NSW Auditor-General, Margaret Crawford, has suggested that New South Wales remove signs that alert motorists to upcoming speed cameras, on the basis they reduce road safety. Ms Crawford says the signs...

NSW Police Set to Harass Traffic Offenders at their Homes

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
New South Wales police officers will be randomly “visiting” the homes of traffic offenders as part of a strategy which police commissioner Mick Fuller claims is designed to deter them from reoffending. Knock knock, it’s police Mr Fuller has directed...

Disqualified Drivers Can Now Apply to Get Their Licences Back

by Ugur Nedim
The Road Transport Amendment (Driver Licence Disqualification) Act came into effect on 28 October 2017, allowing certain disqualified drivers in NSW to apply to the local court for the removal of their disqualification periods. Who can apply? If you are...

Top Ten Suburbs for Speeding in NSW

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
The top ten hotspots for speeding offences in NSW have been identified; and some of them may surprise you. The Sydney suburb of Mascot, near the airport, seems an unlikely place to be caught speeding, as traffic is often jammed...

Officer Refuses to Show Driver the Reading of Speed

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A NSW police officer who pulled over a Sydney motorist over for allegedly speeding has been filmed refusing to show the driver the speed gun reading, then claiming the vehicle is faulty due to a wobbly seat. Zia Yilda was...

Beating a Traffic Ticket Without a Lawyer

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Whether it’s for driving a few kilometres over the speed limit, checking a mobile phone message, or because you didn’t realise your mate in the back seat wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, getting a fine for a traffic offence is always a...

Bully Cop Faces Court

by Ugur Nedim
Another Queensland police officer has landed himself on the wrong side of the law after pulling a gun on a speeding motorist in the outback. Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan was suspended without pay over the incident, and is now in...

Traffic Offences: Hot Spots for Getting Caught

by Ugur Nedim
Home to tourist hotspots like Manly and Palm Beach, the Northern Beaches is one of the most scenic areas of Sydney. But according to data obtained by Fairfax Media, the region also has the highest number of drink driving offences,...

Operation ‘Arrive Alive’ Aims to Promote Safe Driving

by Ugur Nedim
As of Friday 18 December, police have invested extra resources into targeting drink driving, speeding and unlicensed driving in the lead up to Christmas. Police reported that on day one of the blitz, called ‘Operation Arrive Alive’, 48,916 breath tests...
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