Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 19 to 25 September 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What is the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law?

Civil law involves disputes between parties whereas criminal law is where prosecutions are brought by or on behalf of the state.

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Australian Study Confirms Link Between Violence in the Home and Sexual Offending

A study by Griffith University has found that male youths exposed to violence in the home are far more likely to commit sexual offences.

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Queensland Police Commissioner Under Fire For Failing to Implement Reforms

The Queensland Police Service has seen little change despite Commissioner Carroll’s assurances when appointed more than two years ago.

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Conviction for High Range Drinking Driver Quashed, as Police Failed to Follow the Rules

Police continued their prosecution of an alleged drink driver, despite failing to follow the rules relating to testing.

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When Do Double-Demerit Points Apply in New South Wales?

Double-demerits apply for speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and helmet offences from midnight tonight until 11.59pm on Sunday.

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Abolish the Monarchy: FISTT’s Lynda-June Coe on Protesting the British Crown

The outpouring of grief over the death of the Queen has drowned the fact she reigned over an empire of dispossession, cruelty and oppression.

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The Muslim Quarter, Mae Sot: A Photo Essay

A fascinating visual insight into the lives of the little-known Muslim population at the western-most point of Thailand.

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Is it Time for Australia to Break Legal Ties with the British Monarchy?

Today we mourn the death of the Queen, but it could also be a day we look forward to finally breaking the legal shackles of the British imperialist monarchy.

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The Offence of Aggravated Sexual Intercourse with a Child Between 14 and 16 in NSW

The 45-year old owner of Sydney wellness business ‘Smart Cleanse’ is accused of having sex with a 14-year old boy four times within 24 hours.

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‘No Body, No Parole’ Laws May be Introduced in New South Wales

The proposed laws come in the wake of Chris Dawson’s murder conviction – but what of the wrongly convicted?

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Damning Evidence Concerning Killer Cop Mounts During Custody Death Inquest

The lawyers for a police officer acquitted of murdering an Indigenous teen are objecting to damning evidence being brought before the long-overdue coronial inquest.

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Senator Faruqi to Lodge Racial Complaints Against Pauline Hanson: Hear, Hear!

It’s about time Pauline Hanson is brought to account over her platform of racism and hatred.

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Thailand’s Cannabis Industry Is Taking Off Under a Hazy Legal Grey Area

The cannabis industry is booming in Thailand, despite the main law enabling it not yet being passed. Meanwhile, in Australia…

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Offenders Should be Sent to Prison as Punishment, Not to be Punished

The Norwegian experience suggests that providing support systems to inmates and treating them with respect helps to reduce reoffending.

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Aussies Demand an End to Criminal Prosecutions of Whistleblowers

“When it’s a crime to report a crime, you know you’re being governed by criminals”.

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Albanese Has No Issue with the UK and US Crucifying Assange

Our PM talked the talk before being elected, but like all previous Australian leaders has left the truth-teller to the wolves.

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Secrecy Is Lifted, But the Government Continues Its Punitive Prosecution of Richard Boyle

The government has failed to suppress the hearing into the ATO’s unlawful conduct, but continues to prosecute the brave truth-teller who brought it to the public’s attention.

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