Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 24 to 30 January 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Another Country Makes it a Crime Not to Have a COVID-19 Vaccine

Austria joins a small list of nations to make it a criminal offence not to have a COVID-19 vaccination.

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NSW Standard Non-Parole Periods and the Muldrock Error

The 2011 High Court judgement determined the correct application of standard non-parole periods in New South Wales.

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Biloela Family Wins Small Victory, But Continues to be Detained and Face Deportation

The court found that the federal government’s decision to block the family from applying for further bridging visas was procedurally unfair.

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The ABF Is Back to Seizing and Searching Citizens’ Phones at Airports

Australian authorities are seizing citizens’ devices and copying their contents without transparency or accountability.

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Crime Lords Aren’t the Only Targets as Governments Profiteer from Asset Seizures

Governments across Australia are using proceeds of crime laws to silence and persecute their critics.

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January Twenty-Six Is a Day of Mourning: The Sydney Invasion Day Rally

“Today represents a day of violence. It represents murders, rape and continued genocide”, social justice activist Elizabeth Jarrett told yesterday’s crowd.

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Brad Hazzard Launches Another “Humiliating” Verbal Attack on a Female Colleague

The health minister’s latest verbal tirade has many questioning whether he’s fit to hold office.

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European Nations Are Moving to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

A recent decision has paved the way for the possession and personal use of cannabis to be legalised throughout Europe.

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The Pilliga Project: The Documentary-Makers on Preventing Narrabri Gas Devastation

The documentary outlines the devastating impact that Santos’ Narrabri gas project will have on the local region and beyond.

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“Torturing Innocent People”: Activist Claire Gomez on Freeing the Park Refugees

Activists are determined to fight for the release of genuine refugees still locked in the hotel where Novak Djokovic was detained.

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The Offence of Choking in New South Wales

A former tv personality has been remanded in custody over allegations he choked, pushed to the ground, punched and kicked a woman at his home.

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The Morrison Government’s Term Has Shown Terror Laws Target Us All

Successive governments have passed over 90 laws under the guise of protecting against terrorists, but are instead using them to control the public.

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Julian Assange Wins Right to Petition Supreme Court to Block Extradition

The award-winning Australian journalist can ask a higher court to reconsider US assurances about how he would be treated in their prisons.

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