Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 January 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Morrison’s Crusade to Re-Christianise the Nation Via Religious Liberties

The PM’s push to legalise discrimination against non-believers may be seen as part of a broader campaign to dismantle the secular nature of our society.

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NSW Premier Reintroduces COVID Restrictions, As Case Numbers Soar

The line has gone from ‘learning to live with COVID’ and ‘individual responsibility’, to reintroducing social controls.

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Worker’s Dismissal for Protesting Against Vaccine Mandates Was Lawful, Fair Work Commission Finds

The Fair Work Commission found that an employer was justified in terminating an employee who protested against COVID-19 mandates.

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The Djokovic Saga Exemplifies the Joke Australia has Become

He got an exemption from Tennis Australia’s chief medical officer and a letter from Immigration stating he met the criteria for quarantine free travel but was still refused entry, prompting the judge to ask ‘what more could this man have done?’

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Commonwealth Drug Offences in Australia: Drug Importation and Beyond

The Commonwealth Criminal Code Act contains offences relating to the movement of drugs across borders, as well as drug crimes that overlap with state laws.

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Proceeds of Crime Laws Are Now Being Used to Target Climate Activists

Police have used laws passed with the intention of targeting serious crime to seize a climate activist’s vehicle.

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It is Now Compulsory to Report Positive Rapid Antigen Tests in NSW

The NSW Government has made it a crime to fail to report a positive rapid antigen test.

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“Brute Force and Paternalistic Grand Standing”: Sniff Off’s Olivia Barlow on NSW Police Drug Dog Use

Police officers have recommenced harassing and strip-searching youths on the streets and at music festivals.

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Premier Domicron Destroys the Economy, Along With the Public Health

Some believe the new premier’s decision to ‘let it rip’ has done more harm than good.

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The Offence of Unauthorised Possession or Use of a Pistol or Prohibited Firearm in New South Wales

A man who allegedly produced a replica pistol when asked to pay for his meal has been charged with firearms offences and armed robbery.

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“All Roads Lead to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy”: Gwenda Stanley on the 50th Anniversary

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy has been the epicentre of the fight for land rights over the past 50 years.

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The Djokovic Saga: A Convenient Distraction for the Government

The debacle may benefit the government by diverting the focus away from its many failings.

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Djokovic Detained With Refugees and Visa Revoked to Make Tough Border Statement

Djokovic’s detention amongst genuine refugees was intended to send a message that the government will decide who enters the country, despite what international law, procedural fairness or morality may require.

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Coalition Targets Parliament Sex Scandal Whistleblower, Rather Than Its Own

“When a crime… has been revealed, they crunch the person who reveals it, not the offender”.

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New COVID Rules for the District Court of New South Wales

Jury trials will continue subject to regular rapid antigen tests, sentencings and other short matters will be via video link, and masks are compulsory.

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Hillsong Church Gets Off ‘Scott’ Free

Police have decided not to fine the Hillsong Church despite evidence of COVID-19 breaches.

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The Coalition Attacks the Public Health by Cover of COVID Authoritarianism

The past two years have seen declining confidence in the public health system – which could make it easier to privatise.

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