Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 9 to 15 October 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Sextortion Spikes and Young Men are the Main Targets

Reports of sextortion have nearly tripled in recent times and 90% of the complainants are male.

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Can School Bullying Amount to a Criminal Offence?

While school bullying can have a devastating impact on vulnerable children, it can also amount to a crime under the law.

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Needle Spiking and the New South Wales Criminal Law

The media has reported that revellers are frequently being injected with sedatives without their knowledge. But is it all a beat-up?

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Blak Greens Advise Opposing, as Truth and Treaty Must Come Before Voice

The Network asserts that a truth and treaty framework must be established from which an effective First Nations advisory body can then flow.

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Police Officer Fails to Have Assault Charges Dismissed on Mental Health Grounds

The court refused the officer’s attempt to use mental health as an excuse for kicking a handcuffed teen in the head.

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Garnishee Orders in New South Wales

Revenue NSW has issued garnishee orders against thousands of Australians for non payment of COVID fines.

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The ATO’s New Game is to Name and Shame, But Perhaps It Should Look at Itself First

The tax office thinks publishing the names of businesses that owe tax is the way to go, despite many of them still struggling from the effects of lockdowns.

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The ACT to Strengthen Individuals’ Rights, as Labor, Yet Again, Ponders Federal Protections

Australia is the world’s only democratic nation not to have basic rights protected, but those in our nation’s capital are in a different position.

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The Voice Referendum: ‘No’ Supporters Vandalise Sydney Street Signs

Those opposed to an Indigenous voice in parliament have resorted to damaging public property to push their views.

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Duggan Requests Postponement of Extradition Due to Prosecution’s Failure to Serve Evidence

The Australian arrested on request from the US for teaching Chinese nationals to fly planes in 2010 is requesting a delay in his extradition due to the prosecution’s failure to produce evidence.

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Silencing Media Climate Coverage: DBH’s Jesse Noakes on the WA Police Grab for ABC Footage

The police demand that the ABC disclose its sources by handing over footage of activists is a move with potential to affect us all.

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Saw X: What Criminal Offences Could Jigsaw Be Charged With?

Horror fans can’t seem to get enough of the gory film franchise, but Jigsaw could be in serious trouble if brought before a New South Wales court.

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